How To Deodorize Your Mattress

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Maintaining a clean mattress is vital in order to consistently have great sleep. As we all strive for the best sleep possible, we must be weary of things that can interfere. However, a clean mattress is only half of the battle. Not only do we need to keep it clean, but also odor free as well.

One of the biggest factors affecting our sleep is the smell of our mattress. Cleaning the mattress sometimes only goes so far. Unless the smell of the mattress is completely taken care of, it can’t be truly considered clean and our sleep may still be affected. 

When it comes to cleaning, deodorizing the mattress is your best defense. It's the perfect way to maintain the integrity of the mattress by keeping it smelling fresh and clean. Here at Bear, we take pride in being able to provide our customers ways to keep their mattress clean. Here are some ways you can keep your mattress smelling great. 

Things That Can Interfere With The Smell Of Your Mattress 

Before we get into deodorizing the mattress, let's go over a few things that can affect the mattress smell. 

1. Wash Your Bedding and Accessories

Bedding and other mattress accessories  are important for the mattress. They aid in both style and comfort in the mattress. Keeping them as fresh as possible is good for the mattress. Make sure to follow the cleaning instructions and clean the items regularly - once per week.  Funky odors, if left unchecked, can be hard to get out and can transfer over to the mattress. Keeping these items fresh is a top priority. 

2. Clean Your Bed Bases 

No matter if you have a foundation, frame, platform bed, or adjustable base, they also must be kept clean. After you have cleaned the mattress and the bedding, make sure to clean your base as well. Scrub off any dust or mold that might be accumulating. Make sure the bed bases are fully clean before putting the mattress back on.  

3. Clean the Mattress 

Simple and often overlooked, it’s best to clean the mattress as regularly as possible. A clean mattress goes a long way. As we know from time to time, a mattress can get dirty. Whether it be from a spill, stain, or even night sweats. Again make sure to follow the proper cleaning instructions to make sure you don’t damage the mattress in the process. 

For any Bear Mattress, we recommend spot cleaning with warm water and a mild detergent. Depending on how repugnant the smell might be, this quick cleaning can be the remedy you might need. 

Don’t forget sometimes the best way to keep the mattress clean is to protect it with either a protector or an encasement. The mattress protector fits on the mattress like a fitted sheet, while the Encasement wraps around the entire mattress. Both of these options are useful to protect against liquid damages, dust mites, and any other random accidents that might result in a stain or blemish to the mattress. 

No matter what part of your setup( Mattress, Base, Accessory) you are cleaning, make sure to spend adequate time cleaning thoroughly. 

Deodorizing the Mattress 

Before you deodorize your mattress, make sure to have finished cleaning it. The following should be done afterwards. There are many ways to rid any odors coming from the mattress. You can try any one of these by themselves or in conjunction with one another. 

1. Baking Soda

Take Baking Soda and sprinkle some on the top layer of the mattress. Let it sit for a minimum of 30 mins(longer if need be). Once finished, dust off the mattress with a brush or use a vacuum cleaner for the leftover baking soda and re apply your bedding.

2. Air Out the Mattress

Open the door and windows (if you have any) in your bedroom and air out the room and mattress. If you don’t have any windows, you can try placing either place a fan in the room and let that do the trick.

3. Essential Oils 

Similarly to using baking soda, sprinkle essential oils all over the mattress. Keep in mind, the essential oils will only work if the mattress is clean beforehand. Simply putting the oil over a smelly mattress will only mask the smell temporarily.  Make sure the mattress is clean before sprinkling any oil. 

One of the best oils to use is Lavender Oil. Lavender Oil has been linked to help with anxiety, improve alertness, and allow for better sleep. As mentioned earlier, it can either be sprinkled on the mattress or if you have a diffuser you can add a few drops and begin to win down. 

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