Tips to Help Your Kids Sleep Soundly

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Kids today have a lot of stimulus to deal with on a day to day basis. With school, hobbies, and an abundance of screens; kids’ brains are busy growing and learning. When it comes to their growing brains and growing bodies, there is one thing that is clear: they need sleep! Sleep is an integral part to the health and wellbeing of our kids. It is integral for us all, but in particular for kids whose bodies and minds are still growing. Sleep can be hard to come by for kids at times so we've compiled a list of tips to help get them the sleep they need.

Consistent Bedtime Routines:

It may seem simple, but routine really helps our bodies regulate themselves and it is especially crucial when it comes to sleep. By getting into a consistent routine, it helps teach our bodies when to expect sleep. Of course children of different ages have vastly different looking bedtimes and routines, but as long as you stay consistent it helps signal to the brain that bedtime is imminent once certain actions take place. Like brushing your teeth, turning on the noise machine, bath time. It also helps give your child an internal clock, giving them an idea of when to expect what.

Limit Screen Time Before Bed:
Kids these days have more noise to deal with than ever. Their brains are being exposed to different kinds of advertising at all times of the day from multiple different sources. From the tv, to their iPads, to the apps they play around on, it can be a lot for growing brains to deal with. With so many screens competing for their attention, it can cause a cluttered environment and cluttered mind. It is recommended that kids turn off electronics at least an hour before bedtime. This way their minds can settle after the stresses of school, sports, and friends.

Create a Sleep-Friendly Environment:
If your child has trouble falling asleep at night, you can look at optimizing the environment they’re in for sleep. The room around us can have a huge impact on our sleep habits. First, ensure that the room your child is in is as dark as possible. Even the smallest amount of light hitting your eyelids can disrupt your brain when it’s trying to rest so blackout curtains can be an important addition.

Another popular item when it comes to help falling asleep is a white noise machine. Circling back to our previous discussion about routines, it can be helpful to set up a white noise machine for your child that they can turn on for bedtime. The sound becomes an indicator that bed time is here and it can lull kids to sleep with its gentle tones and noises. Noise machines are also great for drowning out other unwanted noise either from the street or in the house.

We all want to sleep comfortably at night and kids are no different. Having a good mattress can make a big difference for children. That’s why we created the Bear Cub - to ensure everyone in your house is getting the best sleep possible. Made with the same clean materials as all of our other mattresses, the Bear Cub is a hybrid mattress made with both memory foam and inner-spring coils. It's got all the comfort and craft of our other mattresses, compiled into a kid friendly version. 

Monitor their Daily Habits:
Food and exercise are critical in helping your little one settle for the night. Drinks like soda can really have a big impact on how your kid sleeps that. Monitor the amount of caffeine and sugar your child is taking in during the day and try to limit their intake when possible. It's best to avoid sugar heavy foods later in the day in particular as you get closer to bed time. The closer to bedtime you get, the bigger the chance it could disrupt your child's sleep. 

It is also important to ensure your kid is getting enough exercise to burn off any excess energy they have. Whether it be through sports, friends, or just exploring the backyard, it’s important for a kid to have the time they need to run around and let loose. Burning energy during the day will help tire your child out for when bedtime arrives. However, it is recommended to avoid doing any exercise that’s too rigorous right before bedtime as it can energize your kid to the point where it makes sleep harder to come by. So utilizing the daylight hours for exercise is the best option.

Our last tip is to simply communicate. Do not underestimate the benefit of explaining to your kids WHY sleep is important and why the routines around bedtime need to be followed. By having a clear line of communication and clear expectations, it gives your child the framework they need to sleep well at night. By communicating with them, you’re also involving your kid in the process which helps them feel like they have more of a say in regards to bedtime. You are also helping your child establish good sleeping habits that will help them later in life.

Bedtime can be a stressful time, but with the right routine and right tools it doesn’t have to be. Kids need a good night’s rest as much as the rest of us, if not more than the rest of us. By helping your child sleep better at night, you are teaching them skills to take with them as they grow up. Communicate and experiment to find what routine works best for you and on our side, we'll keep providing the perfect mattress your kids need. 

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