Bed Bases

Platform Bed

Platform Bed

Starting at

$517 $795 ($278 off with code)

Adjustable Flex Bed

Adjustable Flex Bed

Starting at

$927 $1425 ($498 off with code)

Bear Foundation

corner angle of a fully assmbled bear foundation

Starting at

$195 $300 ($105 off with code)

Bear Frame

bear bed frame fiberglass infused steel short edge

Starting at

$114 $175 ($61 off with code)

What Can I Rest My Mattress On?

  • Foundation + Frame

    Using a solid foundation paired with a strong bed frame is the ideal setup for any mattress.

  • Adjustable base

    An adjustable flex bed will provide solid, even support with the ability to customize your sleeping positions.

  • Platform bed

    Another option is a platform bed, offering a firm, flat surface for your mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my existing mattress work with the Bear Adjustable Base?

Yes, the Bear Adjustable Base is compatible with most mattresses, with exception to water bed mattresses. If you have any questions about your current mattress working on the Bear Adjustable Base, email our friendly support team or call 844-311-0035.

How does the foundation work?

The Bear Foundation is made from solid, natural wood. With interlocking glides and pins, no tools are required for assembly. Setup takes less than five minutes. Bear Foundation is built specifically to fit inside any bed frame, ensuring the best support for your investment.

Why is your bed frame better than the rest?

No more scraping your feet on those jagged-edged, hard to assemble frames. The Bear Bed Frame blends the strength of hardened steel with the safety of smooth lower contours. Our frame is injection-molded, fiberglass-infused resin, warm to the touch, hygienic and easy to clean. Easily assembled in 5 minutes, no tools required