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Bear Mattress FAQ

About Bear Mattress & Performance

What sets Bear Mattress apart from other foam mattresses?

What kind of foam is used in the Bear Mattress?

What is Celliant™ technology?

Read our Full Celliant FAQ here.

Does the Bear Mattress “sleep hot”?

Will I feel "stuck" in the Bear Mattress foam?

Does the Bear Mattress smell?

Does the Bear Mattress reduce motion transfer so my partner won’t feel me move?

Does the Bear Mattress have a break-in period?

How would you rate the firmness of Bear Mattress?

Can I customize the dimensions or firmness of Bear Mattress?

Purchasing & Risk-Free Trial

How does the 100 Night Risk-Free Trial work?

Do I pay for shipping the Bear Sleep Products?

Can I finance the Bear Mattress? How does that work?

Is there a tax on the Bear Mattress?

Is Bear Mattress in any stores where I can try it before I purchase?

Does Bear Mattress come with a warranty?

Why am I required to try the bed for at least 30 days?

Set-Up & Care

How do I set up the Bear Mattress?

How do I clean the Bear Mattress?

Do I need to flip the Bear Mattress?

Do I need to let the Bear Mattress settle after opening?

Can I remove the mattress cover?

What should I rest the Bear Mattress on?


When will my Bear Sleep Products ship?

Where do you ship?

Can I specify a delivery date or change the shipping address once I've purchased Bear Sleep Products?

Does someone need to be home or sign for the delivery?

How will my Bear Mattress arrive?

Can you ship a Bear Mattress to an APO address?


What is Bear Mattress’ return policy?

How do I get it back in the box to return the Bear Mattress?

Does it cost me anything to return the Bear Mattress?

What do you do with the mattress returns?

Safety & Certifications

Completed Safety Tests

What does it mean when it states the Bear Mattress is CertiPUR-US certified?

Made in the USA

Bear Pillow

What makes the Bear Pillow Special?

What is the best sleep position for the pillow?

How do I wash/clean the Bear Pillow?

What size is the Bear Pillow?

Do I need a pillow case?

Can I return the Bear Pillow?

Is there a Warranty?

Bear Mattress Protector

What makes the Bear Protector Special?

Does it work with Celliant?

How do I wash/clean the Bear Protector?

What is the return policy?

Is there a Warranty?

Bear Foundation

How does a Bear Foundation work?

What is the return policy?

What is the warranty?

Bear Mattress : Canada

How can I purchase a Bear Mattress in Canada?

Bear Adjustable Base

What is the Bear Adjustable Base?

What is the return policy for the Bear Adjustable Bed?

How will the Bear Adjustable Base arrive?

What various sleep positions are available using the Bear Adjustable Base?

Can my Bear Mattress rest directly on Bear Adjustable Base?

Does my Bear Mattress arrive with the Bear Adjustable Base if purchased at the same time?

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