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bear hybrid mattress with pillows and bike in bedroom environment

Bear Hybrid

A luxury coil and foam mattress with best-in-class support and comfort.
bear pro mattress on platform bed in bedroom setting

Bear Pro

Our most advanced cooling, pressure-relieving copper foam mattress.
bear mattress with pillows and chair in bedroom environment

Bear Mattress

The memory foam mattress that started it all – the original Bear Mattress.

The Difference is in the Technology

Person in athletic clothing lying on Bear mattress on floor next to yoga mat, weights, and running shoes.

Smart Technology for Better Sleep

Whether you like memory foam or a more traditional feel, each of our mattresses have covers woven with Celliant Sleep Technology, proven to help you doze-off in one, two, zzz...

Amazing Comfort & Support

With Bear you can choose from high-quality memory foam or premium pocket coils to provide pressure-relief, spinal-alignment and pain-relief where you need it most.

Wake-Up with More Energy

Combining Celliant’s smart yarn technology with highly-rated comfort and support layers, Bear offers three mattress options clinically proven to provide you a better sleep, so you can start your day fresh.

Designed to Restore Tired Muscles

Our mattresses help you recharge at the end of a tough day.
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More products to help improve your sleep.

Side angle of Bear Mattress in bedroom with Bear Pillows next to white nightstand with plant and decoration


One of our best selling accessories. Stay cool throughout the night with a pillow that provides support for all sleep positions.

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Find your perfect sleep position with our new Adjustable Base. Comes with four pre-programmed positions and infinite variations in between, all controlled by wireless remote.

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Bear adjustable base in upright position

Approved by Sleep Experts

“Best Mattress for Back Pain"

Mattress Advisor

“Top Rated Hybrid Mattress"

Slumber Yard

“One of my favorites"

Mattress Clarity

“Best Mattress for Back Pain"

Mattress Advisor

“Top Rated Hybrid Mattress"

Slumber Yard

“One of my favorites"

Mattress Clarity

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