"The Bear Mattress does a great job of handling heat retention and keeping the sleeping surface cool. The combination of balanced sinkage, graphite gel infused foam, and Celliant work together to great effect."  - Sleepopolis

The BEAR MATTRESS has been engineered with both advanced foam and Celliant™ technologies. We worked with experts around the world to design a mattress that is universally comfortable, improves sleep quality and increases your energy. Sleep is as important to your performance in life as diet and exercise, and we believe the BEAR MATTRESS will exceed your expectations and improve your life.

Clinically Proven Celliant™ Cover
Super Cool Graphite-Gel Memory Foam
Two Layers of Quick Response Foam
High-Density Support Foam
Clinically-Proven Celliant™ Cover

This specialized, one-of-a-kind cover promotes faster recovery by increasing blood and oxygen flow in the body.

Super Cool Graphite-Gel
Memory Foam

7x cooler than industry-standard memory foam mattresses

Quick Response Foam

Our proprietary mix of quick response foam enhances spinal alignment and increases pressure point relief.

High Density Support Foam

Durable, top-of-the-line support for all weights and sizes.

Celliant™ Technology
Energize Your Life

Extensive development by leading experts in medicine and science has resulted in a proprietary fiber that is loaded with a potent mix of thermo-reactive minerals. Powered by your own metabolism, Celliant™ is more hybrid engine than textile. It recycles and converts radiant body heat into something that gives the body a boost— infrared energy.

Harnessing this energy while you sleep, Celliant™ fibers promote circulation leading to an increase in oxygen levels and to faster recovery and healing.

Celliant™ has been through nine clinical tests to prove its effectiveness.

How Celliant Works

Sleep Cooler
Enhanced Pressure Relief

Our Graphite-Gel Infused Memory Foam offers superior thermal conductivity by combining open-cell, high air-flow foam and superconducting graphite particles. The result is up to 7 times better conductivity than that of conventional memory foam.

Our Quick-Response Foam acts as visco with a bounce. This hybrid foam offers unparalleled pressure relief and pressure mapping for optimal spinal alignment.

All our foams are Certi-Pur Certified and have low VOC emmissions

Foam Technical Specs
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Celliant™ Cover Highlights

A MORE RESTFUL SLEEP · Celliant™ used in bedding has been clinically proven to enhance sleep, with subjects falling asleep 15 minutes faster on average in a pilot study.
TEMPERATURE REGULATION · Keep your body’s thermostat just how you like it. By optimizing blood flow, Celliant makes it easier for the body to maintain its ideal temperature.
DURABILITY · Celliant™ benefits are guaranteed for the life of your mattress. Since we load our mineral blend directly into the fiber, the effects of Celliant never diminish through wash or wear, unlike coated textiles.
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Advanced Foam Highlights

INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT & COMPRESSION DISTRIBUTION · Graphite-Gel infused foam encompasses the exceptional performance characteristics of gel, providing superior comfort and durability.
VARIABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL · Body heat can be absorbed from high-temperature areas like the torso and rapidly transferred to the cooler extremities. This results in a uniform distribution of heat throughout the mattress to maintain a comfortable temperature for restful sleep. Graphite-Gel Infused Memory Foam offers superior thermal conductivity by combining open-cell, high air-flow foam and superconducting graphite particles. The result is up to 7 times the cooling power as regular gel foam.
ENHANCED PRESSURE RELIEF · Our Quick-Response Foam acts as visco with a bounce. This hybrid foam offers unparalleled pressure relief and pressure mapping for optimal spinal alignment.
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How We Did It

GLOBAL DESIGN PARTNERS · Working with leading experts in the field of textiles and foam, we traveled around the United States and Europe to design and create the perfect mattress.
TEST. TEST. TEST. · We went through many iterations of the mattress having lots of people try and provide feedback before we came up with the perfect combination for comfort and support.
PUT THE CONSUMER FIRST · We put aside the traditional business model and built the mattress with the customers best interest first, including cutting out retailers and offering a 100 night risk-free trial.
Your happiness is our success, and we strive to deliver a superior experience. Put us to the test, you’ll be happy you did.
Blue Bear Mattress Hexagon Blue Bear Mattress Hexagon
We founded BEAR Mattress on the principles of quality products, more value for your money and an honest, simple sales process. No gimmicks, bait-and-switch tactics or fake sales.
Blue Bear Mattress Hexagon Blue Bear Mattress Hexagon
We’re not just a mattress company. We like think of ourselves as an active lifestyle brand focused on improving health and well-being by delivering great sleep to our customers.
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