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Technology for Better Sleep

The Bear Mattress uses eco-friendly materials and was developed with insights from sleep experts, professional athletes and engineers to create a universally comfortable, incredibly cool and super supportive sleep. We incorporated Celliant® far-infrared textile technology so your body can recover faster, sleep better and improve performance.

Designed for Faster Recovery

You work hard all day long. Give your back and body the recovery it needs with a Bear Mattress.

Designed to increase pressure-relief, enhance spinal alignment, sleep cooler and improve muscle recovery, the Bear Mattress provides an incredibly comfortable and recovery filled sleep.

The Features & Advantages of the Bear Mattress

  • Recovery
  • Sleep Cool
  • Eco Friendly
  • Charity
  • Improved Muscle Recovery
    Harnessing this energy while you sleep, clinically-proven Celliant® fibers promote circulation leading to an increase in oxygen levels and to faster muscle recovery.
  • Enhanced Spinal Alignment
    Graphite Gel + Response Foam combine to help with spinal alignment and pressure point relief.
  • Increased Energy
    The Bear Mattress helps you fall asleep faster resulting in increased energy so you can be at your peak performance every day.
  • Superior Cooling
    Graphite Gel Foam offers superior thermal conductivity by combining open-cell, high air-flow foam and superconducting graphite particles. The result is up to 7x better conductivity than that of conventional memory foam.
  • Temperature Regulation
    The circulatory system is the body’s heating and cooling regulator. By optimizing blood flow, our Celliant cover makes it easier for the body to maintain its ideal temperature.
  • Open Cell, High Airflow
    Our foams improve air flow by 95% and dissipate heat and moisture three times faster than conventional memory foam. The unique open-cell structure of the Bear Mattress improves heat flow by enabling higher conductivity and allowing heat to leave the foam through convection.
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam
    The Bear Mattress is made without ozone depleters; Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants; Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals; Made without formaldehyde; Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission; Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)
  • No Chemical Fire Retardants
    The Bear Mattress does not use a chemical spray fire retardant, but instead use a woven fiber "sock" that wraps around the mattress.
  • No Glue
    The Bear Mattress uses a water based adhesive to bond our foam layers together.
  • Donate 1% of All Sales
    We have teamed up with Good Sports to donate 1% of our sales to their great cause.
  • Donate Returned Mattresses
    We work to donate almost every returned mattress to a local charity or non-profit.
  • Community Support
    We provide product, donations and our time to organizations that make a positive impact on local communities.

Our Exclusive Bear Mattress Cover uses Celliant® Technology to Improve Your Sleep

  • Circulation

    Putting more into circulation. Infrared light boosts the flow of blood to tissue throughout the body, which delivers vital nutrients while increasing oxygen levels.  Increased circulation nourishes the cells with higher levels of oxygen—further promoting cell health.

  • cell performance & recovery

    Cells grow stronger, so does your performance. The infrared energy created by Celliant® stimulates cell performance and regeneration.  Enhanced cell function means injuries heal quicker, pain subsides fasters and stamina and endurance are amplified.

  • Temperature Regulation

    Keep your thermostat just how you like it.The circulatory system is also the body’s heating and cooling regulator. By optimizing blood flow, Celliant® makes it easier for the body to maintain its ideal temperature.

  • More REstful sleep

    Never grow tired of it. Celliant® used in bedding has been clinically proven to enhance the rest from sleep, with subjects falling asleep 15 minutes faster on average in a pilot study.

Four Layers of Advanced Foam:
Pressure-Relief, Cooling and Comfort

  • 1.Graphite Gel Foam

    Graphite-infused foam offers greatly improved thermal conductivity by combining open-cell high air-flow phase change foam with super-conductive graphite. The unique open cell polymer structure enhances air flow by 95% to produce breathable and odorless foam with superior convective heat flow. The incorporation of hyper-conductive graphite, a material that has up to 10,000x better thermal conductivity compared to regular foam, dramatically enhances the thermal conductivity of the phase change foam.

  • 2.Response Foam

    We use two distinct layers of our Response Foam which serves to bridge this gap between memory foam and latex. Its highly open, cool, and responsive polymer structure is designed to offer a superior alternative to latex or springs while providing outstanding pressure relief properties. Think of our Response Foam as memory foam with a bounce.  Our Response Foam acts as a transition layer and enhances overall pressure-relief. 

  • 3.HD Support Foam

    Our core support foam is a high density foam that will hold up over time and provide the proper support needed to serve all body types.

  • 4.Technical Specs

    Graphite Gel:  4.0 lbs / 1.0"

    Response Foam: Layer 1: 3.0 lbs / 1.5"; Layer 2: 3.0 lbs / 1.0"

    HD Support Foam: 1.8 lbs / 6.5"

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