Bear Mattress Gift Guide for the Holidays

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The holidays are once again upon us! This year, we've put together a Gift Guide to help you figure out which Bear products are best for the special people in your life. 

For Sleepers Who Are Eco-Conscious

Talalay Latex Pillow - Shop Now

The Talalay Latex Pillow, crafted with Talalay™ latex using an eco-friendly process to provide natural sleep with dynamic bounce and support. Its resilient and naturally cooling design guarantees consistent comfort night after night.

Talalay Latex Pillow

For Sleepers Who Want to Customize Their Sleep

Adjustable Pillow - Shop Now

Enjoy cloud-like comfort, cooling and personalization with this premium Adjustable Foam Pillow with cooling cover!

Adjustable Pillow

For Sleepers Who Run Hot

GlacioTex Mattress Protector - Shop Now

Bear’s GlacioTex Mattress Protector is designed with advanced cooling technology to keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep while protecting you from life's mishaps with a waterproof cover. 

GlacioTex Mattress Protector

For the Cozy Sleepers

Chunky Knit Weighted Blanket - Shop Now

The chunky-knit weighted blanket has a soft outer shell of 100% polyester jersey knitted fabric that provides a soothing cuddle on contact. It’s the perfect combination of a breathable knit design and inner-filling of 100% polyester.

Chunk Knit Weighted Blanket

For Those Who Want a Great Deal

Bear Pillow  - Shop Now (60% OFF!)

Stay cool throughout the night with a pillow that provides support for all sleep positions.
Shop Bear Pillow

For Sleepers with Bed Bug Anxiety

Bear Encasement - Shop Now

Get maximum waterproof protection for your mattress with our 6-sided encasement. The Bear Encasement is designed with the most advanced engineering to create a safeguard against bed bugs, dust mites, mold, allergens and liquids.

Bear Encasement

For the Sleepers Who Want Our Most Popular Mattress

Elite Hybrid (Medium) - Shop Now

The 14" Elite Hybrid is an ultra-luxurious, innerspring mattress with our most advanced cooling technology and five zone support coil system.

Shop Bear Elite Hybrid

For Sleepers Who Want Affordable Luxury

Star Hybrid - Shop Now

The 13" Star Hybrid is our latest premium pillow top mattress, combining Serene Gel Foam and individually-encased coils to provide the perfect balance of comfort and support.

Star Hybrid

For Sleepers Who Snore (Or Their Partners)

Adjustable Flex Bed - Shop Now

Fully customizable positioning. Read in bed, meditate in bed, relax your spine, work on your laptop, watch a movie.

Adjustable Flex Bed

For the Athletes

Pro Hybrid - Shop Now

The 10" Pro Hybrid mattress offers signature cooling gel memory foam with individually encased coils for increased comfort and deeper compression support. Comes with option for a pillow top.

Pro Hybrid

For the Kids

Bear Cub + Mini Pillow - Shop Now

The 8.5" Bear Cub mattress will have your future superstars jumping into bed. This supportive, clean and comfy mattress is the perfect option for young sleepers and our Mini Pillow has all the best features of our Bear Cooling Pillow, in a miniature sleep-anywhere size.

Bear Cub
Wishing you a happy holiday season from Bear Mattress!
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