The Benefits of a Mini-Pillow

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As we all know that in order for one to get good sleep, one must be comfortable. Now one might have the right mattress but it doesn't stop there. Accessories are important as well and one of the most important accessories are pillows.

Pillows are great not only for style but comfort. With so many different pillows out on the market we can make our choice for a multitude of reasons. Cloud Pillows are regular pillows that are lightweight and fluffy. Also if you love cooling pillows, there is the Bear Pillow, which is suitable for all sleep positions and the Contour Pillow which is great for side and back sleepers. 

However, maybe you might be in the market for something else. Here at Bear we have you covered with our brand new Mini-Pillow. Similar to the Bear Pillow, the Mini-Pillow is a soft, cool to the touch, hypoallergenic pillow. 

5 Benefits of the Mini-Pillow

1. Travel Size

The Mini-Pillow is a great pillow for those on the go. Whether you are taking a long road trip or even have a flight you need to catch, this is a great option for you. Because of it’s size it can be easily packed so you don’t have to worry about it taking a whole lot of space in whatever you decide to pack it in. 

2. Multi-Use

Due to its size, the Mini Pillow can be used in so many different sleeping positions. It can be used for comfort in head/neck area, in between legs, and also in the hip and waist area. Depending on how you sleep, you can use the Mini-Pillow with a more traditional pillow to get the comfort in certain positions. 

3. Cooling 

As we stated earlier, the Mini Pillow is simply a miniaturize version of the Bear Pillow. Both of these pillows provide soft to the touch feel and cooling to allow you to sleep comfortably. As we know, sleeping cool is normally preferred especially since sleeping hot can be a bit of a hassle. 

4. Kid Friendly

While we went over the size allowing for the pillow to have multiple uses, the mini-pillow can also be used by sleepers of all types. For the younger sleepers out there, this pillow is safe for use. Rather than using a traditional pillow, which might be too big due to age, the mini pillow can also be used by them as well.

5. Easy To Clean


Now when it comes to accessories not all are to be handled and cared for the same way. Most, if not all, come with special instructions on how to clean them to ensure that you are able to continue using them for a long time. With the Mini-Pillow you're in luck. For cleaning, all you need to do is simply spot clean from time to time with a mild soap. No washer or dryer needed for this.

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