Announcing Our Newest Partnership with Co-Living Space "Common"

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Last week, the Bear team announced a new and exciting partnership with leading co-living company, Common. Effective immediately, Common will begin outfitting residences with Full & Queen size Bear Original Mattresses in its newest homes in New York and San Francisco. 

Common - one of the leading brands in the growing co-living space is dedicated to improving the apartment renting process through community and connectivity. The company provides members with community-minded shared homes available for rent on both a short and long-term basis. In addition, Common homes come fully 'turn-key', eliminating many pain-points typically associated with city renting. 

Amenities such as Wi-Fi, food suppliesweekly cleanings, laundry and regular events for members are all part of the Common experience. 

In partnering, Bear joins a quality list of existing in-home partners featured throughout Common homes, such as Parachute premium bedding and West Elm furniture.

This new partnership presents an exciting opportunity for Bear to team up with Common to help its members recover from their busy days, each and every night. The average Common member is always "on the go" and understands the importance of quality sleep when it comes to performing their best.

Members are often entrepreneurial, active, and share a similar set of values to Bear regarding health, rest and recovery. We’re eager to help facilitate Common’s continued national growth as a brand, while also contributing to the quality experience shared by all of its members. 

“Comfort and convenience are two of the most important pillars of the Common member experience,” said Brad Hargreaves, founder and CEO of Common. “We are particular about the brands we choose to partner with, and look forward to introducing Bear to our members.”

Since launching in October 2015, Common has received more than 12,000 applications for membership and has opened buildings in New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C. 

Common’s latest project in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, consists of four five-story buildings connected to create a 20,000 square foot space with 51 bedrooms. Most of the apartments will consist of four bedrooms, two bathrooms and one kitchen-living area. The members will also have access to communal space in the basement and the rooftop.  The company is slated for additional expansion in 2017. 


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