How To Sleep Cool During the Blazin' Summer Heat

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Think back to a time you’ve tried to sleep, but the room was too hot. You toss and turn, kick off the blankets and flip the pillow over to “the cool side” in an attempt to relax and get some shut-eye.

 Pretty miserable, right? We know… Prior to creating Bear we were all too familiar with this uncomfortable feeling.  

 The reasons why we need to be comfortable (read: cool) at night go back to our biology. Our bodies have a natural internal thermostat known as our circadian rhythm that increases and decreases our body temperatures depending on the time of the day. Internal temperatures drop rapidly around bedtime--it’s one of the factors that makes us “sleepy”--and increases in the morning until it peaks around mid-afternoon.


Keeping that core temperature higher at night makes it difficult to sleep, let alone get the deep sleep you need to repair your bodies. One way to help is to keep your bedroom dark and cool with temperatures between 60 and and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Another way? Switch your sleeping situation, starting with your mattress.


The Science of Sleep 

It used to be that your choice of bed was limited to whatever boxspring and lumpy mattress the salesman could talk you into buying within a few frustrating minutes at the furniture store. Not anymore. Bear Mattress set out to completely change the way you sleep, right down to the materials used to make our mattresses.

 Every material we use to make our mattresses is designed with your comfort in mind, starting with the foam. The top layer of the Bear Mattress uses graphite gel-infused foam that has been clinically proven to offer superior thermal conductivity by combining open-cell, high air-flow foam and superconducting graphite particles.

Translation? The Bear Mattress sleeps 7X cooler than other memory-foam beds.

 Our foam also improves airflow by 95 percent and dissipates heat and moisture three times faster than conventional memory foam mattresses. The unique open-cell structure of our mattresses improves heat flow by enabling higher conductivity and allowing heat to leave the foam through convection.

 We build our mattresses with multiple layers:

The Base: The HD Support Foam is a high-density foam that acts as the base of the mattress. It provides the proper support for all body types for the long haul.

The Middle: Made of two distinct levels of our Quick-Response Foam, this part of the mattress serves to “bridge the gap” between the memory foam and latex. Its highly open, cool and responsive polymer structure is made to give proper pressure relief better than box springs or latex.

The Top: This is where the Graphite-infused foam comes in with its superior convective heat flow that’s both breathable and odorless.

 And as for temperature control? We’ve got that covered, too, thanks to our mattress cover that has been designed with clinically-proven Celliant technology woven into it for improved  oxygenation - helping the body the body to maintain its ideal temperature by improving blood flow. 



What is Celliant?

 Glad you asked! At its core, Celliant helps take the energy that escapes your body at night and helps it flow back into the body via infrared light. Infrared light is medically proven as a vasodilator, meaning it helps blood flow and circulation, along with improving cell vitality and tissue oxygen.

Infrared light also helps the body regulate internal temperature, making it easier to fall (and stay) asleep--up to 15 minutes faster than with other bedding, according to one study. In total, nine independent clinical studies have confirmed that Celliant works the way its creators designed it to.


The benefits don’t end when you wake up, either: many users report feeling more energetic and refreshed after sleeping on Celliant-enhanced bedding. You won’t have to worry about the benefits waning over time, either, because Celliant is designed to hold up for at least 15 years. That’s 5,475 nights of good sleep!

Other Ways to Improve Your Sleep

 Switching your mattress is the best way to regulate your body temperature at night, but it’s the not the only thing you should be doing to promote restful sleep.

 First, give your bedroom a makeover and make it a place for sleep--and only sleep. Televisions, cell phones and even light from outside can disrupt your circadian rhythm, keeping you awake--and your body temperature higher--than it should be at bedtime. Instead, ban all electronics from your room and invest in a good ol’ alarm clock to wake you up. Also, installing light-blocking curtains can help as well.

 Next up? Upgrade your pajamas and sheets. Start by adding a Bear Protector designed to work with your mattress to further regulate body temperature. It’ll also protect your mattress against those “oops!” spills that happen from time to time. The Bear Pillow are another must-have. These specially-designed pillows give you optimal head position while you sleep and keep you cool with dual side mesh panels for continuous airflow.

 And don’t forget the sheets! Breathable cotton fabric with moisture-wicking properties work best, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Breathable cotton is best for your sleepwear, too. Save the flannel for the coldest days of winter.

 As we mentioned, regulating the air temperature in your bedroom is important, especially during the summer. If you can, keep the air conditioning going at night to maintain that optimal 60 to 67 degree temperature. Utilize ceiling fans also help, as can opening windows to help air circulate throughout the room.

Peaceful Summer Sleep is Here

 We could spend all day telling you how Bear Mattress can help keep you cool and rested, but the only way to really know is to try it for yourself. That’s why we offer you a 100-night risk-free trial on the Bear Mattress before deciding if you want to keep it. There’s no “breaking in” period, so you’ll get noticeably better--and cooler--sleep from day one. And after 30 days? We have no doubt you’ll be convinced.

 Summer is the perfect time to change your sleeping situation for good. You don’t have to put up with insomnia, night sweats and all the assorted annoyances that come from sleeping during the dog days of summer.

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