2016 Health Trends We’re Obsessed With

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With every changing year, we welcome a new wave of health trends. Below are the ones that have got us the most pumped!

  1. Oil Pulling
    What it is: Swishing around the oil of your choice (people generally tend to gravitate toward coconut, as it tastes the best) for 20 minutes.
    What it does: The swishing process allows the oil to grab bacteria and food remnants from your mouth that brushing and flossing just can’t get. Added bonus? If done frequently, oil pulling naturally whitens your teeth.
    Why we love it: it’s an all-natural, simple supplement to your oral hygiene routine that’s been around for eons. And it’s backed by dentists.

  2. Athleisure
    What it is: the trend of designers creating clothes that are made for both working out and, well, living life.
    What it does: Athleisure not only provides more quality clothing options for us active folk, it encourages people to work out. The more we see active lifestyles being promoted, the more we want to participate.
    Why we love it: Lugging an extra set of clothes to work or the gym, to be frank, sucks. With more and more designers creating athleisure lines, we can now wear one outfit. All day.

  3. Strength Training
    What it is: Using free weights, resistance tools, machines and/or your own body weight to increase muscle, burn fat and increase anaerobic endurance
    What it does: According to the mayo clinic, strength training helps develop strong bones, manage weight, boost stamina, manage chronic conditions, sharpen your focus
    Why we love it: Strength training doesn’t necessarily mean bulking up and gaining weight, but for years it was considered a “man’s” exercise. Recently, we’ve seen a shift toward the inclusion of women into this workout genre. Look at Crossfit, TRX and kettlebell workouts for example. Adding strength training to your workout routine is great for everyone, and we’re excited to see more and more people jumping on the bandwagon.

  4. At-Home Workouts
    What it is: Full length workouts designed to be done in the comfort of your own home, often without the use of equipment.
    What it does: Encourages anyone with an Internet connection to workout. No need to join a gym! Working out with pros is easier than ever.
    Why we love it: Everyone, regardless of income, physical fitness level, or location should have access to tools that promote health and physical fitness. The amount of YouTube channels alone dedicated to full-length workouts is amazing, and makes working out super easy… and free!

  5. The Return of LISS
    What it is: Low Intensity Steady State Cardio
    What it does: The past several years have been dominated by HIIT (high intensity interval training), and while this type of exercise has its advantages, the amount of injuries associated with HIIT make it worth questioning. Studies have also shown that people who do HIIT have a rather poor relationship with exercise (many people see it as a chore rather than something positive). In swoops LISS, a term that encompasses exercises that keep your heart rate rather low for an extended period of time.
    Why we love it: Number one, the words “low impact” are music to our ears. Second, LISS exercises tend to burn body fat for fuel. The trade off? Your workouts are longer, but less grueling and a lot less risky.

  6. Eating: Focusing on Quality vs. Quantity
    What it is: Focusing on what you’re actually putting in your body rather than how much you’re eating.
    What it does: Encourages long-term health. Traditional diets and eating plans tend to focus on calorie counting, but fail to ask the dieter to take a look at their food. With trends toward eating whole and natural foods and actually looking at ingredient lists, we’re changing our relationships with food and how we view eating.
    Why we love it: Counting calories is annoying! We’d rather spend our days making healthy choices based on things like, is this meal nutritious? Am I getting enough protein and fiber? rather than sit and say “well, this thing has no nutritional value but it’s only 100 calories!”

  7. Fitness Wearables
    What it is: Devices worn to track a person’s health and fitness
    What it does: A myriad of things! You can get anything from an all-inclusive health tracker like a FitBit or Jawbone, to a baby monitor to a little square clip that urges you to stand up straighter.
    Why we love it: They’re easy to use, and we feel weirdly guilty when we don’t meet our daily health, fitness and wellness goals. Fitness wearables also very personal devices; it’s all about you, and you don’t necessarily have to share your gains and losses with others.

  8. Focus on Sleep and Recovery in Exercise
    What it is: A shifting focus in online fitness writing from just working out and eating right to how to best help your body/mind recover.
    What it does: It helps athletes and avid exercisers realize the importance of stretching, rest and sleep.
    Why we love it: By now, you probably know that Bear Mattress was founded on the idea that sleep is just as integral to healthy living as exercise and diet. We’re so excited that publications like Huffington Post and New York Times are making room in health and wellness sections for recovery and sleep!
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