Hour-long Workout Playlist: Yoga Edition

Posted by Emilie von Unwerth on

For the second installment of our Spotify workout playlist series, we've brought you one that's full of sitar music, ending with some calming chimes and water sounds - perfect for a gentle, meditative yoga sesh.

1. Naked - Anoushka Shankar
2. Celebration - Anoushka Shankar3. Morning Yoga - Bombay Cafe
4. Flute Mantra - Bombay Cafe
5. Bindi - Mukta
6. Portrait - Mukta
7. Loneliness- Musafir
8.  Raga Mishra Kafi, Wire - Bidyut Khan Band, Lucyan
9.  Raga Yaman Manj - Ravi Shankar
10. Meditation: Restful Sleep - Waht Poo
11. Meditation: Deep Relaxing - Zarobi
12. Meditation: Ohm Chant - Zarobi
13. Waves: Ocean Waves for Relaxation - Sleep Sound Library

You can stream the playlist here; make sure to follow us on Spotify for updates and new playlists!

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