6 Best Outdoor Workouts

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Spring has sprung on the East Coast and we could not be more stoked to take our workouts outside. Below our our six favorite exercises and workouts to do outside:

  1. Running
    Where distance jogging on the street, hill sprints or trail running, this is the ultimate outdoor workout. Not that we’re telling you anything that you don’t know, but running can be done anywhere and all you need are a good pair of shoes and a good attitude.
  2. Hiking
    If you’re fortunate enough to live close to mountains, get out there and walk up one. Hiking exercises every part of your body, including your mind. A 150-lb person can burn almost 400 calories in an hour, plus the scenery alone is worth getting out of the city for.
  3. Body Weight Park Workouts
    Parks aren’t just for playing, the equipment found in most parks can provide a great foundation for an “outdoor gym” of sorts.
    Park Bench - can be used for tricep dips, step ups, bench jumps, push ups and Bulgarian squats
    Monkey Bars - pull ups, sit ups (hanging from knees), side swing (traditional monkey bars but sideways), and actually doing what you’re supposed to do on monkey bars
    Grassy Area - great for springs, jump squats, and stretching
  4. Running Stairs
    Want to train like Rocky? Well, want to train like Rocky in those scenes when he’s running stairs? You can, just remember to leave those Converse All Stars at home. Running stairs burns more calories than sprinting and is better on joints. You can also almost certainly find a set of stairs near your home or office. You can
    Hop on one foot
    High Knees
    Butt Kicks
  5. Team Sports
    Adult leagues have popped up in every city for every sport from soccer to basketball to ultimate frisbee. Team sports are a great way make new friends (something that’s damn near impossible as an adult) and burn calories. They can also foster a healthy release of your competition craving.
  6. Beach Workouts
    Since sand is constantly moving, your body engages muscles it does not traditionally work on sand or pavement. We’re super into both beach running and beach yoga. You get a more intense workout without changing anything, and since sand is soft, it’s better on your joints!

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