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If you’ve poked around the Bear Mattress website at all, you’ve probably noticed our professional brand ambassadors, Mix Diskerud, Sarah Piampiano and Brandon Wynn. We’ve teamed up with these amazing people to spread the message that proper sleep is just as important to performance as training and good nutrition.

However, when we founded our company, we weren’t necessarily making a mattress for the pros. We’ve made the bed for you: the Crossfit junkies, the amateur marathoners, yogis, climbers, skiiers, surfers… you get it. We built the Bear Mattress for active, healthy, athletic people who aren’t, well, pros. And we’re looking for inspirational individuals to tell their stories and become brand ambassadors.

Ambassadors will receive special perks, discounts and promotion in exchange for inspirational story sharing. Have you climbed Denali? Did you turn your life around in order to run marathons? Are you a mom of 3 and still killing it in the Crossfit gym? Are you a badass personal trainer? Are you on a journey to become healthier? Whatever you do, we’re looking for people who

  1. Have a story to tell
  2. Have a somewhat sizable and engaged social media following
  3. Want to spread the word of the importance of sleep to athletic performance
If you’re as passionate about your sport or activity as we are about sleep health, email to share your story.

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