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As an Olympic athlete there are many forms of recovery that we need to be our best, but statistically proven the best form of recovery is in fact sleep. While I am sleeping, my body is working overtime in recovering so I can wake up the next morning and push my body to reach new levels in training each day.

Khamica Bingham is a Professional Canadian sprinter who specializes in the 100m and 4x100m relay. At the age of 25, Bingham is a 2016 Olympic Finalist, 2-time World Championship finalist, 2-time National record holder, 2-time Pan Am medalist and known as one of the fastest women in Canada. Before Bingham discovered sprinting, she was a national gymnast with an Olympic pursuit in a different sport. Unfortunately, she had to quit gymnastics due to financial burdens but deep down her true joy and passion came from running, so she sprinted forward and never looked back. Knowing how sports changed her life, Bingham loves to give back through motivational speaking and athlete mentorship, to uplift others to reach their true potential by sharing her story.

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