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Sleep has always been an important aspect of my daily routine. Since I'm constantly on the go, recovery is a huge part of how I live my day to the fullest. This is why I am a #TeamBear Athlete! As a frequent traveller, Bear Mattress allows me to come home rested, rejuvenated, and ready to perform each and every day. 

Anthony Crouchelli is the creator of the.1method, Director of Talent/Master Trainer at Liteboxer, as well as Master/Founding Trainer at GRIT BXING. He was previously a professional soccer player who has turned into a top fitness expert.  Crouchelli has more than 20 years of boxing experience, in which he has transformed the traditional workout setup into a holistic transformation of mental and physical growth "one rep at a time,”.
Crouchelli has worked at top fitness studios such as Rumble, Barry's Bootcamp, and Equinox. Through his career, he has picked up various fitness certifications along the way such as CFSC, USA BOXING, NCSF. He's also been featured in various publications  like Men's Health, Pop Sugar, USA Today, NBC, People Magazine, Shape Magazine, and Reader's Digest!


Check out Anthony's Sleep Set up

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