The Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress

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Let’s get this one out of the way: If you tend to enjoy nighttime activities that require a mattress with more bounce and rhythm, memory foam might not be the most conducive option. Still, you probably want the nice enfolding foam affect, and hybrid mattresses offer a happy middle ground. With a hybrid, you’ve still got the feeling of a mattress hugging you to sleep, but you also have a… more romantic innerspring bounce. In general, hybrid mattresses tend to have more options when it comes to firmness than memory foam.

Even though memory foam mattresses have improved when it comes to cooling technology, hybrid mattresses also often “breath” better, so if you’re someone that gets very hot while sleeping, this might be the better option for you.

One of the classic complaints with an innerspring mattress is a sense that you’re being poked by a coil, which isn’t exactly pleasant when you’re trying to fall asleep. With a hybrid, the coils are generally tucked away under layers of soft memory foam, helping the mattress feel more uniform and consistent. In general, hybrids also tend to have better “edge support” — meaning the structural integrity along the perimeter of the mattress. Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, tend to struggle in this regard. 

The Bear Hybrid Mattress is a premium mattress that combines the best of both coils and foam. The Bear Hybrid has four layers of high density foam that enhances cooling, pressure-relief and comfort; while our Quantum Edge individually encased coil system provides best-in-class support. Shop the Hybrid Mattress now. >

 Bear Hybrid Mattress

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