The Benefits of a Foam Mattress

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The benefits of a memory foam mattress are pretty well documented. The layers essentially adjust to your individual body shape. That means the material fills in around common problem areas like your lower back, offering even pressure point relief. During the day, many people struggle with bad posture, and of course the same is true at night. But a memory foam mattress can help optimize your spinal alignment, since the foam is filling in the gap areas around your body to keep your back straight. (If you struggle with lower back problems, placing a pillow between your legs at night also helps to straighten your spine).

Memory foam mattresses also tend to be the best option if your bed partner is a tosser-and-turner, since these mattresses have a smaller amount of bounce and motion transfer. If your partner writhes around all night, you’re considerably less likely to wake up if you’re sharing a memory foam mattress. Memory foam can even help with snoring, since a more aligned nighttime posture can positively affect breathing.

Allergy-prone sleepers also tend to like memory foam mattresses because they are dust resistant and relatively easy to clean compared to other traditional mattresses. Still, it’s important to make sure that you find a memory foam mattress that regulates body heat properly, since some of these mattresses can run quite hot. Look for memory foam mattresses that include layers with cooling gel infusions to ensure you don’t sleep sweaty.

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Bear Mattress


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