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Any athlete or ninja who is looking to take every aspect of their training to the next level, needs to not overlook sleep and recovery. The intention we set in the morning is one the most important times of the day and if our mind, body and spirit is not fully charged then we can not train to be the best we can be.

Travis Brewer is a movement artist and entrepreneur who has had the opportunity to be a finalist on American Ninja Warror, Champion of the World, perform on Shark Tank and even Celebrity Apprentice! Seen in commercials for Toyota, performed at halftime for the LA Clippers, and taught workshops around the world.

Brewer has had the opportunity to train with Tim Ferriss on his TV show, speak on stage with Deepak Chopra and help start a couple companies and a non profit. He has also been featured in Entrepreneur magazine as an Entrepreninja for helping start the largest professional ninja run sporting event, Wolfpack Ninja tour as well as the clothing brand PI Movement. 

Brewer's true passion now is spreading a positive impact through movement and getting people to play and be inspired to move. As founder of Pi Movement, an activewear brand that is dedicated to giving back Pi% (3.14) or more with every purchase made to build more parks and playgrounds around the world. The Non Profit (the PI Percent Fund) is a fund that enrolls other liked minded companies and individuals in the opportunity to also set a side 3.14% of profit to furthering the development of eduction for movement and parks/ playgrounds around the world.


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