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The Bear Adjustable Bed will help you find the perfect position to relax and sleep. Designed to work great with the Bear Mattress.

  • Default Title

Default Flat Position

Only Head Raised

Only Feet Raised

Zero Gravity Position

Head & Foot Massage

Under-Bed Light

Take Control of Your Sleep

  • 1.Individual Head & Foot Positions

    Find your own personal sweet spot by having full control over the position of your head and feet.

  • 2.Easy one-touch Presets

    Relieve pressure on your spine in the Zero-Gravity Position and or watch TV comfortable in the TV position.

  • 3.Custom Preset Button

    Save your favorite sleep position so you can return to it at the touch of a button.

  • 4.Individual Massage Controls

    Enjoy full control over your massage experience with individual head and foot controls.