5 Reasons You Need an Adjustable Flex Bed

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Chances are, you’ve done some shopping for a bed frame or another type of mattress foundation. But during that time, we bet you didn’t even think about an adjustable flex bed. 

And we don’t blame you—when most of us think about an adjustable flex bad, we imagine hospitals or our grandparents’ bed at their swanky retirement home in Florida. Well, believe it or not, adjustable flex beds are not just for the sick or the elderly. 

In fact, they have many everyday advantages in terms of quality of sleep, convenience and overall comfort. And guess what? Those that do start using one often realize it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. 

So, what are some of the reasons you should get an adjustable flex bed for your mattress?

1. You Snore or Have Sleep Apnea

Gravity is not the friend of snorers—it works with the weight of your neck when you’re lying down to create air blockages in your nose, mouth and throat. This causes snoring or, in more serious situations, obstructive sleep apnea. 

While not all instances of snoring or sleep apnea can be cured solely by using an adjustable flex bed, the ability to sleep at a slight incline can provide some relief. Raising the head slightly above the rest of the body during sleep will help alleviate pressure and open up your airways. 

2. You Frequently Watch TV or Read in Bed

Rather than prop yourself up with a pillow while you read, watch TV or work on your laptop, you can use your adjustable flex bed to create an upright position that’s more conducive to these sorts of activities. You’ll be more comfortable, and we bet you’ll enjoy your book or favorite TV show even more!

3. You Have Chronic Back or Neck Pain

If you suffer from chronic back or neck pain, laying in the standard flat position that most bed bases offer doesn’t do you any favors.

Thanks to an adjustable flex bed, you can create a sleeping position that alleviates any pain. For example, if you suffer from lower back pain, you can adjust your bed so your knees and head are slightly raised to take pressure off your lower spine. 

Ultimately, the key to reducing pain while you sleep is making sure your spine maintains proper alignment. Most of us tend to sleep in positions that put our spines out of whack. But whether you’re a side sleeper or a back sleeper, adjustable flex bed facilitates proper alignment, thus eliminating those weird positions that can cause chronic pain.

4. You Want a Base That Works with Any Type of Mattress

As time goes on and our bodies and lifestyles change, it’s not uncommon to have to get a more suitable mattress—whether it’s a foam mattress, a hybrid or another type of mattress. 

Well, just because you’re getting a new mattress doesn’t mean you also want to buy a whole new foundation for it. 

While we can’t guarantee every adjustable bed frame is compatible with every type of mattress, ours is. Bear Adjustable Flex Bed is designed with a non-slip mattress guard so it works with all types of mattresses. That way, you can keep your adjustable flex bed around even if you buy a completely different mattress.

(Unless you’re buying a water bed. Please do not use our adjustable flex bed with a water bed—you will regret it.)

5. You Have Acid Reflux

If you have acid reflux, you know that laying down makes it way worse—in part because laying flat makes it more difficult for your body to digest food. But, if you elevate your head just 4–6 inches, you can prevent stomach acid from traveling up your esophagus. 

Sure, you can do this with pillows, but an adjustable flex bed will also support your upper back and shoulders, which will prevent any pain from poor alignment. 

Are There Any Disadvantages to Adjustable Flex Beds?

Of course—nothing is perfect.

For one, adjustable flex beds can be more expensive than the average frame. They can also have mechanical failures (just like anything with a mechanical or electrical component—which is why you should look for an adjustable flex bed with a long-term warranty). Plus, they are often heavier and more cumbersome than your standard bed frame.


However, as long as you get a well-designed adjustable bed frame, you won’t encounter most of the common issues and disadvantages that some people come across. But, you will find that you now have a bed frame that adjusts to whatever your body might need on any given day.

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