Vitamins for Better Sleep

Posted by Meagan Kay on

Vitamins are, of course, a natural remedy to insomnia. Taking a supplement is a more direct way than eating or drinking things that just contain the vitamin you’re after. As with most things, don’t expect to pop one pill and hit the hay. Your body needs time to make a routine and adjust. Here are some vitamins to consider using.

  • Vitamin D. When people think Vitamin D, they think sunlight. But popping one of these can also function as a sleep aid. Having a Vitamin D deficiency has been known to impact sleep and keep you up.

  • Magnesium. Part of the reason it makes sense to have a handful of nuts before bed is that they are packed with magnesium, a vitamin known to assist with insomnia.

  • Melatonin. We’ve talked a lot about melatonin already, the sleep hormone produced by the body that regulates your sleep-wake cycle. Some people who suffer from insomnia have found taking a melatonin supplement works as a great sleep aid. It’s also not bad for an international flight or jet lag.

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