The Best Mattress for You, According to Your Sleep Position

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You probably know what type of sleeper you are — but do you know if your mattress is the right fit for your sleep position? Most of us don’t, but it’s actually quite important. Each sleep position has downsides, some of which can negatively affect not only your quality of sleep, but also your overall health and well-being. 

However, sleeping on the right mattress can offset some of these negative effects. And luckily, we know exactly which mattress is right for your sleep position!

I’m a Back Sleeper

If you’re a back sleeper, then your overall sleep health is probably pretty good. True, you might have more snoring problems than other types of sleepers, but you’ll likely have very little back pain (if any), next to no acid reflux at night, and the ideal spinal alignment for sleeping. This is partly because your entire body is fully supported by your mattress throughout the night.

But, that means you’ll need a mattress that will adequately support your body from head to toe — one that provides pressure-point relief and fills in any gaps between your body and the mattress.

The Best Mattress for Back Sleepers: The Bear Pro

Bear Pro

In order to maintain optimal spinal alignment, most back sleepers tend to prefer a medium to medium-firm mattress, the Bear Pro is right in that sweet spot.  And thanks to that contouring memory foam, the Pro will fill in any gaps between your body and the mattress — like at your waist — so you’ll have optimal spine support at night. 

One bonus of this mattress: the layer of copper-infused foam whisks away heat from your body while you sleep and creates a naturally antiviral and antibacterial environment!

I’m a Side Sleeper

Are you a side sleeper? Then you probably have better blood flow, improved digestion (especially if you sleep on your left side), and little experience with insomnia or sleep apnea. 

However, you may also find that your lower arm frequently becomes numb during the night since your body squishes it. Side sleeping can also increase the pressure on your hips, lower shoulder, and back — and you may experience lower back pain since it’s hard to maintain proper spinal alignment when on your side.

The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers: The Bear Hybrid


Side sleepers need a super supportive mattress to keep stress off their back, hips, and shoulders. The individually wrapped encased coils of the Bear Hybrid offer complete support for your entire body. 

With its exclusive Serene® Foam comfort layer, it also offers 4x more pressure-point relief than traditional memory foam. In fact, it’s designed to provide extra cushioning to the shoulders and hips, making it perfect for side sleepers like you. 

I’m a Stomach Sleeper

Out of all the sleep positions, you’ll need the most help from your mattress. Sleeping on your stomach flattens the natural curvature of your spine, which leads to an increased chance of experiencing lower back pain — as well as more acid reflux and heartburn. Stomach sleepers also tend to have a lot of neck pain since they sleep with their head turned for most of the night. 

The Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers: The Original Bear

Bear Mattress

If you’re a stomach sleeper, you need a medium-firm to firm mattress to prevent strain on your back — and the original Bear Mattress is just right for you. It will support your belly, keep your spine aligned, and maintain your spine’s curvature. Anything softer or firmer could potentially lead to back pain. 

(Also, stomach sleepers should always invest in a good pillow to support their neck and head!)

I’m a Combination Sleeper

Don’t stick to a single sleep position during the night? Then you’re what we call a combination sleeper. Since you alternate between two or more of the major sleep positions, you’ll also experience any number of the downsides of each — so your mattress should be able to adapt to your position changes.

The Best Mattresses for Combo Sleepers: The Bear Elite Hybrid

Most people who change positions at night prefer a mattress of medium firmness, so the Elite Hybrid is a great choice. It is compatible for sleepers of all styles - side, back, stomach, or combination of the three.

The Elite Hybrid has a layer of copper foam, which will allow you to sleep cool by drawing the heat away from the body while you sleep.

In terms of firmness, the Elite Hybrid, differing from our other mattresses, has three different comfort levels - Luxury Plush, Luxury Firm, and Extra Firm. With these three different levels, sleepers have the ability to choose a firmness level closer to their preference.  

Similar to Bear Hybrid, the Elite Hybrid’s individually wrapped encased coils will reduce motion transfer as you switch between positions. The Elite Hybrid also has a zoned-support layer to help reduce pressure points in the shoulder and hips when you’re sleeping on your back or side. In addition, your sleep will be cool and comfortable while gaining muscle recovery as well. 

But Keep in Mind, Bear Mattresses Are Designed for Everyone

Even though we think that these mattresses are the best for certain sleep positions, they are just suggestions based on our experiences. If you’re a back sleeper, but you prefer something firm and contouring, then go for the original Bear mattress. If you’re a stomach sleeper who likes a cushier, cozier feel, then the Hybrid will absolutely work for you, too. No matter how you sleep — whether it’s on your back, stomach, or side — any of the Bear mattresses will give you the support and comfort you need to get a good night’s sleep.

Don’t Forget About Your Pillow!

No matter what type of sleeper you are, you’ll need a super supportive pillow to complete your ideal sleeping situation. Why? A good pillow will help keep your upper body in alignment while you sleep and prevent not only neck pain, but also back and even hip pain.

Because it’s made with our Loft-X foam, the Bear Pillow is not too firm and not too soft, so it contours to your head, neck, and spine whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach. In other words: this pillow is perfect for every sleep position.
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