The Anatomy of a Bed

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What Makes a Bed? We often talk about how to maximize both sleep and your environment. One of the biggest factors in optimizing your sleep is your bed and how it is set up. 

Now the terms, “bed” and “mattress” are used interchangeably, a bed and a mattress are actually two different things. Simply put, your mattress is what you sleep on, while your bed is typically combining your mattress, and a piece of furniture used to support it. As we discussed, sleep setup is important. It helps to maximize your mattress which in turn maximizes your sleep. In order to get the most out of your sleep, you need the proper equipment. 

The proper setup follows this format: Bed Base + Mattress + Accessories. Though the items will vary from sleeper to sleeper, these three components are usually included.  Within these three components, you have so many options to choose from. We’ll go over each one so that you can figure out what works best for you. 

Bed Bases 

Platform Bed 

Platform Bed

A platform bed is a wooden, slatted bed base that acts as both a foundation and frame all in one. With a traditional set up(a frame +  foundation), you would then only need the mattress to rest on both. However with your platform bed, all that is needed is the mattress, which lies directly on the base. 

Adjustable Bed Base  

Similar to the platform bed, the Adjustable Base is an all in one bed base in which the mattress can lie directly on top. Where the platform bed is made of wood, the Adjustable Base is made up of aluminum. Your adjustable base comes equipped with many different presets so sleepers choose which one is more comfortable for their sleep. One being Zero-G, which will allow the sleeper to feel the weightlessness effect of zero gravity.

Mattress Foundation 

This bed base is a solid, slatted wooden foundation that is placed on top of a bed frame. The slats within the foundation are built in to allow for airflow underneath the bed base.

If you already have a frame, then this is all you need. This is not to be confused with a box spring. Whereas your foundation is all wood, a box spring contains both wood and innersprings. 

Please be advised, we recommend using a foundation and not a box spring for memory foam mattresses. Foundations allow for better airflow and proper support throughout the mattress compared to a box spring, which can break down over time. 

Bed Frame 

Lastly, the bed frame is a metal bed base used to hold up the foundation and the mattress. The foundation and the mattress both rest on top of the bed frame. Both the foundation and the bed frame  allow for both support and airflow underneath the mattress. 

Depending on the room space or what you prefer, a set up of a foundation + the frame could be right for you. It’s simple and efficient. Another great benefit of the frame is that a headboard can be attached, giving your frame a bit of added style. If you prefer something more stylish to go along with your bedroom while still maintaining comfort, either the Platform Bed or Adjustable Flex Bed will be great options.  If not, the bed frame is still a great option. 


Now that we have covered bed bases, the next important item is your mattress itself. As we discussed previously, the mattress would go directly on the bed base. Here at Bear, we have some options to choose from - Hybrid Mattresses and All Foam Mattresses.

Elite Hybrid 

The Bear Elite Hybrid is an ultra luxurious innerspring and foam mattress that provides sophisticated cooling, comfort, and support by utilizing innovative technologies. Measuring at 14” and consisting of 6 layers, the Bear Elite Hybrid is designed to support you, no matter how you sleep, throughout the night. 

For sleepers with particular needs, the Elite Hybrid comes in three different firmness levels -  Luxury Plush (5.5/10), Luxury Firm (6.5/10), Extra Firm (7.5/10). In terms of firmness we rate our mattresses on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most firm. 

Bear Hybrid

Another option is the Bear Hybrid, Bear’s other Hybrid mattress that we offer for sleepers that enjoy a mattress with both innerspring and memory foam. With its five layers and top of the line cooling, the Bear Hybrid offers a unique luxury, plush feel for all sleepers. 

Bear Original 

The Bear Original is an all foam mattress. The Original cradles and contours to the body, while having It has a graphite gel foam which allows for more air flow to provide extra cooling while you sleep. For sleepers that prefer a firm mattress, this is it. The contouring feel of the mattress + it’s firmness, gives sleepers a restful experience no matter your sleep position. 


After you have a mattress it’s best to have a good set of pillows not only to support your head properly but also complete your bed set. 

Cloud Pillows 

Cloud Pillows

The Cloud Pillows are regular pillows that are lightweight and fluffy. These pillows offer great support and spinal alignment for your sleep position and are also hypoallergenic. 

Bear "Cooling Foam" Pillow

The Bear Pillows are memory foam, cooling pillows. Just like the Cloud Pillows, these pillows offer support for every sleep position and are also hypoallergenic. The Bear Pillows have an added layer of cooling that allows you to sleep cool through the night. 

Contour Pillow

The Contour Pillow is another hypoallergenic, cool-to-the-touch pillow that  contours to both your head and neck. This pillow is designed for sleepers that love to sleep on either side and/or back. 


After you pick your bed base and mattress, the final items are the accessories. 

Sheet Set 

Obviously we don't want you to sleep on a bare mattress, nor would it be comfortable. A sheet set serves as a protective layer for your skin. They are also breathable and allow you to remain cool while sleeping. Your sheet set consists of a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, along with matching pillow cases. 

Mattress Protector 

The next accessory item is the Mattress Protector. Over time accidents happen and measures need to be taken to keep the mattress fresh and clean. A mattress protector covers the mattress and shields from accidents. The Bear Protector protects against liquid damages and dust mites, while an alternate type of protector, Terry Protector, only fights off dust mites. 

Mattress Encasement 

Where the Mattress Protector works as a fitted sheet on top of the mattress, the Encasement wraps around the entire mattress. Similar to a mattress protector, it fights against both liquid damages and dust mites. If you have experienced issues with bed bugs in the past, then we recommend using the encasement instead of a protector. 

Mattress Topper

Sometimes when we get a mattress, we might feel that comfort level could be adjusted or improved to our liking. A great option is a mattress topper, which can soften up the current firmness level of the mattress. This way we don’t need to run out and get a new mattress but instead make our mattress work better for us.

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