Easy and Fun At Home Workouts You Can Do With Your Kids

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Many of us have been home a lot more lately. For some, this is a great time to catch up on overdue projects or binge-watch whatever Netflix suggests. 

But, if you’re like a handful of people who work for Bear Mattress, you’re home with the kids and tackling the challenge of balancing working from home with family time. On one hand, you want to savor all of this bonus time with them. On the other, you’ve got a job to do and pray the next zoom meeting won’t be interrupted with “Mommy? Mommy! Mom, mom, mummah, MO-OM!” 

Plus you want to find time to do other “normal” things, like keeping fit. Unfortunately, hitting the gym or yoga studio is not an option for many of us right now, and working out with our kids can be tough. So, a few of us at Bear decided to film how we are keeping active with our little ones. Each activity is quick with little to no setup and can all be done indoors. 

Sleepytime Squats

Steve on our ecommerce team does double duty —putting his 8-month-old down for a nap while getting in a solid leg workout. 

This circuit is super easy and great for your quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, and core.

  1. Securely hold your baby
  2. 15 squats with feet spaced wide apart
  3. 15 squats with feet shoulder-width apart
  4. 15 walking lunges
  5. Repeat until the little one is in dreamland

Hallway Relay

Meagan in marketing keeps active with her busy 4-year-old by running drills in the hallway. This set is short but can easily be added to. Try marching, zigzag-running, walking backward, skipping, or dancing.

  1. Place stuffed animals (or any other soft object) at one end of the hall
  2. Place an empty laundry basket with a folded towel underneath at the opposite end of the hall
  3. Evenly space small cones (or in this case, Tupperware bowls) down the center of the hall
  4. Ready, set, GO! Grab a stuffed animal and bunny hop over the cones
  5. Drop the stuffed animal in the basket and bear crawl back.
  6. High-five the next person in line and repeat
  7. When all the animals are in the basket, it’s time to go for a ride!
  8. You can even get younger siblings involved.

The Comfiest Slide

Founder, Scott, uses his Bear Original Mattress in an unexpected way. Propping it up and letting his 2 boys slide down.

Mattress Slide

Getting active with your kids is a good way to keep yourself fit, run off some of their extra energy, and, hey, you may just have a great time together.

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