Staying Healthy and Active While Traveling

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With Memorial Day acting as the unofficial start to the summer travel season, a lot of us get worried about maintaining our fitness regime. Travel means vacation. And vacation means eating out, sightseeing and doing whatever we want whenever we want. While that’s all fine and good, we also to tend to put our fitness routines on the back burner.  

On the other side of the coin, for many of us, work means travel. Traveling for work generally means a drastic change in schedule, eating out and spending lots of time sitting in meetings. Often times, we tend to ditch our fitness routine.

Below is a list of how to stay on that wagon while traveling.

  1. Walk everywhere.
    This especially rings true if you’re making a business trip to a city. Instead of wasting money on cabs, try to walk as many places as you can. It only takes 20 minutes to walk a mile, and unless you’re in stilettos, it’s a good idea to get in some cardio when you can.

  2. Bring some equipment with you
    No, we’re not saying to throw that kettlebell in your carryon, but packing a resistance band or a workout dvd will help you tremendously, especially if your hotel doesn’t have a gym.

  3. Do some “deskercises”
    Ok, ok, we know these are goofy, but if you’re really tied up at work all day, things like walking in place while doing tricep curls are pretty beneficial. Greatist put out a great list of deskercises, complete with some pretty hilarious .gifs.

  4. Plan active outings
    Whether you’re going on a family vacation or traveling for work, plan something active. If you’re vacationing to a more natural place, it’s easy to hike mountains, go kayaking or rock climbing. If you’re more of a city goer, try using CitiBikes and going to museums.

  5. Don’t go crazy on the food.
    While it’s perfectly acceptable to indulge in local cuisine, don’t overdo it. Traveling tends to mean eating out a lot, and restaurant portions are
    massive. Try to get in the habit of splitting meals with people or saving half your dinner to eat for lunch the next day.

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