All Hail Apple Cider Vinegar – Our 5 Favorite Uses for this Wonder Product

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We're honestly not sure when we became obsessed with apple cider vinegar and its myriad of uses, but we've been going hot and heavy for a while. Why? Because apple cider vinegar is probably the single most useful “every day” kitchen ingredient you have. If you don't have it already in your pantry, go out and buy a bottle of organic, raw, unfiltered ACV.


Here are our favorite uses:

  1. Weight Loss Aid
    Mix two tsp of ACV with a pint of water and drink. Does it taste good? No. Are there a number of studies showing body weight and fat decrease when ACV is consumed daily? Yes. The acetic acid in the vinegar reduces the rate at which glucose is released in the bloodstream and discourages fat storage in the body.

  1. Zit Zapper
    Mix two parts water and one part ACV and apply it to your pimple. The bacteria in the ACV regulates the pH of your skin, meaning bye bye pimple.


  2. Flea Fighter
    Not interested in rubbing chemicals all over Fido? Replace them with ACV. Mix one part ACV, one part water in a spray bottle. Spray generously onto your pet's fur and give your buddy a nice massage, making sure your really get the mixture on his skin. Voila! Bye fleas.


  3. Cure for Your Stinky Feet
    Although we hate to admit it, some of us sweat more than others. As avid runners, we know what it's like to feel stinky sometimes. Pour one cup of ACV into a bucket of warm water and let your feet soak for 15 minutes. The acid will balance the pH of your feet and reduce the stench. (Sealing your sneaks in a big Ziploc bag and tossing it into the freezer for a night wouldn't hurt either – low temperatures kill bacteria.)

  4. Helps Relieve Skin Irritations
    Whether caused by a rash, a sunburn or a bee sting, add a couple of tbsp to your warm bath and feel relief almost instantly.

Beyond these five specifics, ACV, when mixed with water, will help almost every part of your body from the inside out and vice versa. Just use caution if you're interested in doing the Apple Cider Vinegar Diet... we think three tbsp of ACV before every meal is maybe overkill. And it'll probably ruin the taste for you forever.

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