Nick Wammes

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As an elite track cyclist, I use many different methods of recovery but nothing compares to sleep. Sleep is the best way for our bodies to recover after a long day of training or a day of competition. Focusing on my sleep and recovery allows me to wake up feeling great and able to perform at my best every day.

Nick Wammes is a member of the Elite Men’s National Track Sprint Team with Cycling Canada. His career began at the age of 13, joining the Ontario Youth Cup circuit.

Wammes is currently training 6-8 hours a day in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Although the youngest member of the team, Wammes is among the top 2 Male Track sprinters in the country —most recently coming in first for Keirin, Sprint and Team at the Canadian National Championships.

It has been a battle to get to the top and he is excited to keep pushing forward for a podium spot in Tokyo.

Check out Nick's Sleep Set up

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