After Purchase Contest Rules

After purchase product review contest rules:

  • Open to only legal residents of the US, 18 or over, who received an invitation via email from us in conjunction with their recent purchase of a Bear Mattress product.
  • Opportunity to enter the contest is personal to the original recipient of the email invitation and any attempt to transfer is void and will not result in contest entry.
  • Contest runs monthly from the first of the month at 12:01pm ET until the last day of each month at 11:59pm ET.
  • How to enter. Follow these steps:
    • Open the product review email invitation.
    • Enter your product rating in number of stars.
    • Write an original review of the product regarding your recent purchase.
    • Include either a picture or video in your review (must be original content taken by you)
    • Click the “Submit Your Review” button at the bottom of the email invitation.
  • Limited to one entry per customer per product review.
  • WINNER DETERMINATION: on or about the 3rd of the following month from when the contest ends, Bear Mattress will select the winner in a random drawing from among all eligible entries/product reviews received.  Winner will be contacted via email, within 3 business days. If for some reason the winner cannot be contacted for any reason, determined to be ineligible, or is not in compliance with these rules, the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be selected among the remaining entries.  There will be only 1 (one) winner per monthly drawing. 

June 2017 Winner - Matthew E.

July 2017 Winner - Jeffrey H.

August 2017 Winner - Jessica R.

September 2017 Winner - Kirtis M.

October 2017 Winner - Cody D.

November 2017 Winner - Aidan J.

December 2017 Winner - Chad P.

January 2018 Winner - Dan F.

February 2018 Winner - Andrew H.

March 2018 Winner - Sharon H.

April 2018 Winner - Sara D.

May 2018 Winner - Lucas S.

June 2018 Winner - Ryan P.

July 2018 Winner - Sara R.

August 2018 Winner - Joseph J.

September 2018 Winner - William W.

October 2018 Winner - Nancy B.

November 2018 Winner - Elizabeth C.

December 2018 Winner - Ricardo M.

January 2019 Winner - Dylan C.

February 2019 Winner - Kathleen B.

March 2019 Winner - Linda F.

April 2019 Winner - Caitlyn S.

May 2019 Winner - Amanda B.

June 2019 Winner - Caroline S.

July 2019 Winner - Dan R.

August 2019 Winner - Ben S.

September 2019 Winner - Ibrahim M.

October 2019 Winner - Amanda D.

November 2019 Winner - Alicia D.

December 2019 Winner - Jaime C.

January 2020 Winner - Sara C.

February 2020 Winner - Morgan S.

March 2020 Winner - Ashleigh S.

April 2020 Winner - Paul M.

May 2020 Winner - Julia S.

June 2020 Winner - Tyler H.

July 2020 Winner - Nikki B.

August 2020 Winner - Melissa S.

September 2020 Winner - Tyler C.

October 2020 Winner - Casey K.

November 2020 Winner - Marissa B.

December 2020 Winner - Emmaline W.

January 2021 Winner - Nicolette C.

February 2021 Winner - Ayanna O.

March 2021 Winner - Arturo M.

April 2021 Winner - Kalapi P.

May 2021 Winner - Absalon P.

June 2021 Winner - Courtney R.

July 2021 Winner - Alicia G. 

August 2021 Winner - Amanda W. 

September 2021 Winner - Nicole B. 

October 2021 Winner - Khanh H.

November 2021 Winner - Ian M.

December 2021 Winner - Josh B.

January 2022 Winner - Frank S.

February 2022 Winner - James W.

March 2022 Winner - Cheryl G.

April 2022 Winner - Brian T.

May 2022 Winner - Jason E.

June 2022 Winner - Sara N.

Product Pricing Details

We strive to bring you the lowest prices. The strike-through or reference price indicates the Product’s suggested retail price (SRP) and may not have been offered by us or other retailers at that price in the past and may not be offered for sale at that price on any future date. Thus, the strike-through price may not necessarily be the prevailing market price, regular retail price, or former price of a Product. In addition, Products may be offered by us or other retailers at the same or lower prices during future promotional events beginning on or after the last day of any advertised promotion. See Details