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Built on experience, honesty & value.

Our family started in the mattress business over 25 years ago and the most important lessons learned were to deliver a first-class customer experience, provide the highest-quality products and superior value. We used those pillars as a foundation to build Bear into an honest, transparent business that always puts the customer first.

Our Team

Striving for the best, together.

We believe that a team should be, well, a team – collaborating and working together to achieve good things. We think it’s the best way to work, and the most fun. From our founder to our Bear Athletes to our newest hires, we’re an eclectic group of athletes, weekend warriors and casual fitness enthusiast, and we wouldn't have it any other way.
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Emily’s background in Exercise Science, performance testing (lactate threshold and VO2 max), and biomechanics has provided her the essential tools to advance her clientele to a level of excellence.
Our Experts Bear relies on our experts to provide industry-defining advice on sleep, recovery, fitness and health.
Dr. Ryan Meyers DC, CSCS, CF-L1
Dr. Meyers is a practicing sports and rehab chiropractic, and is a candidate for the Diplomate in Rehab from the ACRB, in addition to being a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the NSCA, and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

Better Sleep at a Better Price

Recover Faster. Enhance Performance

We at Bear Mattress strive to improve sleep quality help people recover from their daily lives faster and improve their performance in life. We design, develop and build amazing, technologically advanced products with the goal to help everyone from professional athletes to daily grinders to teenagers wake up each morning feeling their best, ready to perform.
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We strive to bring you the lowest prices. The strike-through or reference price indicates the Product’s suggested retail price (SRP) and may not have been offered by us or other retailers at that price in the past and may not be offered for sale at that price on any future date. Thus, the strike-through price may not necessarily be the prevailing market price, regular retail price, or former price of a Product. In addition, Products may be offered by us or other retailers at the same or lower prices during future promotional events beginning on or after the last day of any advertised promotion. See Details