The Bear Hybrid Customers Love Just Got an Upgrade

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Since its launch in 2018, the Bear Hybrid has consistently been our most popular mattress at Bear. The best of both worlds feel combining traditional mattress coils and our high-tech memory foam has proved to be a winning formula garnering praise from customers and critics alike. Now five years later, we’ve given the Bear Hybrid a style upgrade. Ensuring we kept the award-winning feel of the Hybrid intact, we gave the outside a whole new aesthetic. 

With a new aesthetic and a new name, the Bear Hybrid is now the Star Hybrid

The Star Hybrid is built here in the United States. Phoenix, Arizona to be specific. When you purchase a Star, our team of dedicated workers at the factory starts the process of putting your mattress together.  Every mattress is made to order which means no corners are cut. Your mattress is not sitting in a room collecting dust, waiting for you to buy it, it’s built with you in mind. From the creation of the foam made from clean materials to the specific way we manufacture our encased mattress coils, to the final stitches sealing your mattress together; it is all done in-house. After your mattress has been successfully built and approved by the team, it is moved to our unique roll-packing machine where it is then boxed up and shipped right to your door. 

Two people sitting on a Star Hybrid

If you’re wondering about the difference between a Hybrid mattress and an all-foam mattress, you are not alone. As we sell both all-foam and hybrid mattresses, customers often ask about the difference. All foam mattresses are of course made with all foam material while our hybrid mattresses combine both memory foam and encased coils you would find in a traditional mattress. Our all-memory foam mattresses provide excellent support, cooling technology, and are typically more cost-effective. When choosing a hybrid model like the Star Hybrid, you are getting the best of both worlds. The memory foam works in tandem with the encased coils to provide you with a more luxurious feel while ensuring you sleep cool. A hybrid mattress provides more “bounce” than you would find in an all-memory foam mattress. 

One of the great benefits of a hybrid mattress compared to a traditional all-spring mattress is you can avoid the annoying pokes of individual coils buried deep within your mattress. With a layer of memory foam placed on top of the coils, you have that extra cushion you need to provide optimal comfort. 

Overall, sleeping on an all-memory foam mattress is more of an adjustment. You experience a sensation of sinking into the mattress much more than you would on a hybrid model. Learn more about the difference between hybrid and all-foam mattresses here

The Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress are Endless

1. Hybrid Mattress Are Versatile

    If you get a pure foam mattress or a basic spring mattress, there’s only so much you can customize, but with a hybrid mattress; you can truly find a mattress that feels like it was made for you. 

    For the core, you can opt for encased coil springs or a classic encased system (though most use encased coils these days). For the comfort layers, you can choose any combination of latex foam, memory foam, polyfoam, or something else entirely. You can sometimes even add a pillow top or some other quilted cushioning as the topmost layer. 

    Hybrid mattresses also offer a wider range of firmnesses — you can get one that’s as soft as a cotton ball or one that’s as firm as it gets.

    2. They Provide Great Edge Support

      First of all: What is edge support?
      Edge support refers to structural integrity along the perimeter of a mattress. Unfortunately, foam mattresses are often lacking in this department.
      Hybrid mattresses, on the other hand, offer excellent edge support thanks to the structural spring system. They are supportive all the way out to the edges, increasing the overall surface area of where you can actually sleep comfortably. 

      3. Encased-Coils Help Reduce Motion Transfer

        While the reduction of motion transfer isn’t as impressive as that of a memory foam mattress, hybrid mattresses are still a step above your typical spring mattress because most of them use encased coils. 
        Traditional innerspring systems act as one unit, with all the metal springs interconnected. It’s not great for weight distribution or motion transfer since the springs all move as one. However, encased-coil spring systems consist of individually wrapped springs, so any sinking or motion is isolated to wherever weight is placed. Therefore, hybrids with an encased-coil core do a decent job at reducing motion — especially considering they’re designed to provide more bounciness.

        4. They Help With Pain Relief

          We’ve talked a lot about the incredible comfort of hybrid mattresses. But hybrids also provide ample support with the pocket-spring and foam combination, both of which contour to the body and provide pressure point relief wherever your body needs it most: the neck, back, hips, and shoulders. 
          The spring core provides structural support that helps encourage proper sleep posture and spinal alignment. Meanwhile, the foam top layers fill in the spaces around your body that might not get as much love from an entirely innerspring mattress. These effects work in tandem to help alleviate chronic pain or soreness in the body.

          5. Hybrids Offer an Ideal Balance of Comfort and Support

          This last benefit more or less summarizes what’s great about hybrids in general: they’re supportive and luxuriously comfortable at the same time. 
          If you think about it, hybrid mattresses have pretty much every type of mattress in one. It’s like if you took the athletic abilities of 10 Olympic gold medalists and gave them to a single person.
          Of course, comfort is a completely individual experience, and what’s supportive to one person could make another person wake up feeling like they’ve aged 50 years. 
          But the endless combinations with hybrid mattresses allow you to find the perfect balance of both support and comfort, so you can sleep like a baby every single night. 

          Man sitting on a Star Hybrid

          The Star Hybrid has been a huge hit with both customers and critics alike. Winning awards from the likes of Mattress Advisor, Mattress Clarity, and Slumber Search, the Star really stands out amongst competitors. It provides optimum support while not breaking the bank like other mattresses. The value is clear, but don’t just take our word for it. 

          Here are some verified customer reviews to back us up:

          Impressed with the quality, we are sleeping like babies.

          We love our new mattress! I love the hybrid for its firmness and comfort. Out of the box it sprung up quickly, was full and even. We had friends order from 2 other competitors around the same time and our Bear was the best value and quality hands down. It felt expensive right out of the box. We are very pleased! The sheets are also excellent quality. If you're on the fence, get the Bear mattress- the quality is there.
           - Review by Emily K. 

          Loving Star Hybrid Mattress

          My husband and I are enjoying waking in the morning without an achy back and a feeling of over all body refreshed!! Having the mattress on an adjustable platform frame works beautifully. We have had our mattress four months now. Our sleep number just wasn’t keeping us comfortable and supported with its so called comfort levels. 
          - Review by Sharon C.

          Sweet dreams - The Hybrid makes me enjoy bedtime again!

          This mattress has been a game changer in my life. I used to dread going to bed, but I had no idea it was because my mattress was so uncomfortable until I got this Star Hybrid. Now, I actually get excited when it's time for bed and I get to sleep in complete comfort all night long. I no longer toss and turn. I had tried out Temperpedic hybrid at the store but was not willing to pay their ridiculous price. Then I found you guys and what an amazing value it is. I seriously had a shoulder surgery in February that I don't think I would have had to have if I had purchased your mattress in time. I sleep so well. This summer it was a choice of going on a vacation or getting a new mattress. I chose the mattress and it was the best deal because now I am a much happier person all the time because of the good sleep that I get. Thank you Bear!
          - Review by Leslie H
          Read these reviews and more over on our Verified Customer Review page!
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