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With summer fast approaching, homes across the country will be feeling the change as temperatures rise. Hotter temperatures means that sleep can be harder to come by because temperature affects every aspect of how we sleep. To start, one of the ways that your sleep is impacted by how hot or cold it is in your room. Feeling too warm during sleep can cause discomfort, leading to restless tossing and turning. When you're comfortable, you're more likely to fall asleep faster and experience fewer disruptions throughout the night. Falling asleep can be challenging if your body is too hot. Looking at the available research, most studies agree that a temperature between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal for sleeping, with temperatures above 75 degrees and below 54 degrees disruptive to sleep. Keeping an eye on that thermostat is critical to your own sleep experience.

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Another aspect to consider is melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles. Cooler temperatures can enhance the production and release of melatonin, helping to regulate your circadian rhythm and promote a healthy sleep-wake cycle. This is particularly important for maintaining consistent and restful sleep patterns. Sleep disorders such as insomnia or night sweats can be exacerbated by excessive heat.

Quality sleep is crucial for your overall health and well-being. Adequate, restful sleep supports cognitive function, immune system functioning, mood regulation, and physical recovery. By optimizing your sleep environment to be cool and comfortable, you are prioritizing your health and ensuring you get the most out of your sleep.

Cooling down your sleep environment can help in the process of falling asleep by signaling to your body that it's time to relax and enter a restful state. By creating a cool and soothing atmosphere, you can help cue your body for sleep and promote a faster transition into dreamland. Your body temperature naturally drops when you sleep and a cooler sleep environment helps facilitate this process. When you sleep in a cooler room or on a cooling surface, such as a pillow or mattress, it can promote deeper and more restorative sleep. Cool temperatures help regulate your body's internal temperature, allowing you to achieve a state of optimal sleep.

At Bear, we make sleeping cool a priority in everything that we do. We offer a wide variety of products where one of the key features is temperature control. Knowing what we do about how deeply our sleep is affected when it’s too warm, we ensure our products are doing their part in keeping you cool. Here are a few of the products that we offer that will help transform your sleep.

Bear Pillow


One of our most popular accessories, the Bear Pillow is a great option for anyone trying to stay cool at night. Built with cooling in mind, this pillow is layered with Double Ice Fabric. This is a special fabric that stays cool to the touch throughout the night. It is also constructed with Dual Mesh Corner Accents. These accents cap the pillow at both ends with mesh panels, allowing the pillows to maintain airflow and remain cool. On top of the cooling aspects of this pillow, we of course know comfort is key. Which is why the Bear Pillow is made with Loft-X Foam. Not too firm, not too soft, our Loft-X Foam provides the perfect support for any sleeping position. To top it off, this pillow is hypoallergenic to keep you from sniffling through the night. This pillow checks all the boxes. It’ll keep you sleeping cooler, keep you comfy, and keep you free from dustmites.

GlacioTex Mattress Protector

GlacioTex Mattress Protector

A newer item in the Bear Mattress lineup, the GlacioTex Mattress Protector has been making quite the stir. Built with advanced cooling technology, adding this to your sleep setup will do wonders for taking your sleep game to the next level. This protector is cool-to-the-touch with high thermal conductivity to allow heat to be quickly and effectively pulled away from your body while you sleep. Avoid tossing and turning to find a comfortable, cool place on the mattress by turning down the temperature of your bed with this protector. On top of superior cooling, this protector will go the distance no matter what life throws at it. Waterproof and hypoallergenic, there is no stain this protector cannot stand up to. Rest easy knowing your mattress is protected from any spills or stains. We offer this protector in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Mattresses The core of our brand is of course producing the highest quality mattress possible. Knowing how integral temperature control is when it comes to every aspect of sleep, building our mattresses with effective cooling technology was key. We’ll break down the different cooling properties found within our mattresses.

Bear Elite Hybrid & Star Hybrid

Bear Elite Hybrid

At Bear, the best mattresses we offer in terms of cooling are the Bear Elite Hybrid and the Star Hybrid. This is because both mattresses are made with two key features: Phase Change Material and copper foam. Phase Change Material, or PCM as it’s commonly called, uses thermoregulation to absorb your body heat and keep you cool all night long. We paired this with our breathable Celliant® fiber so you can sleep comfortably and wake up refreshed. Copper-infused Memory Foam whisks away your unwanted body heat allowing for a balanced temperature distribution throughout the night. Copper also naturally creates an antiviral and antibacterial environment providing you with a cool, clean sleep. With these two mattresses, you have two materials made for cooling built in meaning they are optimal for getting a refreshing, cool sleep. For comprehensive cooling, either of these mattresses would be your best option.

Bear Pro Hybrid, Bear Original, Bear Cub, & Bear Trek

Pro Hybrid

The rest of Bear’s mattress lineup includes mattresses made with Cooling Gel Memory Foam. This special foam draws away unwanted body heat and provides improved spinal alignment for a more comfortable sleep. This material is added with cooling in mind and will do a great job at keeping you comfortable at night. Paired with a Bear Pillow and a GlacioTex Mattress Protector, any of these mattresses would be a great choice for those looking to prioritize a comfortable sleep experience.

Stay ahead of the heat this summer by making tweaks to your sleep setup. With a cool environment and a bedroom that prioritizes cooling, your sleep can be transformed. Wake up easier each morning with more restful sleep. At Bear, we prioritize your comfort at night which is why we offer a numerous different products that can help you achieve the best sleep possible. Find that sweet spot in temperature control and take your sleep to the next level.

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