100 Nights On A Bear Mattress

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As a personal trainer and yoga instructor, Jodelle Fitzwater knows what it means to push her body to its limits. She chronicled her 100 night trial on a Bear Orignal Mattress to see if it’s recovery and cooling properties really lived up to the hype. Here’s how it went!

"Try it for 100 nights," the email said, "and if you don't love it, we will come get it." So I purchased the bed in the hopes that the company's promise to help me sleep cooler and recover faster wasn't a gimmick. Spoiler alert: it wasn't.

I tracked my sleep for 100 nights (the length that Bear Mattress allows you to sleep on the mattress and return the bed for a refund) to see if it was worth the hype.


Surely a bed purchased online couldn’t be as comfortable as they say, right?

Day 1: I purposefully overdid my workout to see how I would feel on my bear mattress. The company uses Sleep Recovery Technology (called Celliant) in its cover that’s been designed to reduce muscle recovery time and inflammation. I was skeptical. I mean how much of a difference can a bed really make?

Much to my surprise I fell asleep easily, and awoke feeling refreshed on my first night. My shoulder (which had been sore from my workout the day before) felt so much better. Maybe there’s something to this bed.

Day 7: A week in and I’m starting to think that there is something to Bear’s technology. I feel more energized and focused throughout the day and have less soreness. I’ve even been drinking less coffee! That’s a first!

Day 15: Today I paddled and ran a total of 10 miles. I felt strong doing it and could have gone all day! I don’t think I would have felt that way without a good night’s rest. When I got home, 5 hours later after paddle and hubs said he and baby slept till 8:45am...she never sleeps that late!! I’m two weeks into my Bear experience and am quite pleased with my purchase thus far.

Day 30: I’m one month in -- the amount of time Bear recommends customers sleep on the bed. I can definitely see why as it took my body several weeks to fully adjust to the memory foam feel. I feel great and am training harder than ever. I was even scheduled for a rest day from my workout schedule today but decided to skip! Thanks Bear!

Day 60: I’ve been out of town on business. My company set me up in a fancy hotel but I have not been sleeping well at all! The hotel bed has been keeping my body so hot, even with the A.C. blasting! I think my body has grown accustomed to Bear’s Graphite-Gel Cooling Foam. Needless to say, I can’t wait to get back home to my Bear!

Day 61: Back in my “Bear den” last night and boy is my body thanking me! After sleeping in a hotel for 3 nights, my body melted into the cool confines of my Bed. Thanks Bear. Now I’m spoiled.

Day 90: Heavy workouts yesterday had my back feeling like jello and me in bed early. Still, I awoke this morning like I hadn't done anything the day before. This bed was definitely designed with athletes in mind. I'll be honest...I kind of miss being sore!

Day 100: It’s the final day of my 100 night trial period and nee I won’t be returning my Bear. After yet another night of restful sleep for a girl who doesn't naturally sleep well, let's just say I'm a "Bear-liever!"I checked the mattress for any indentations or breakdowns in the foam.. No dips, no sags. Nothing. The mattress is as good as new! No wonder Bear offers a 10-year warranty!

So there. I'm keeping it. And I'm betting you will too. Life's too short to sleep on a crappy mattress, and wake up feeling sore. If there’s any product out there that can help our body’s recover and perform better, Bear is it! Don't believe me? Check out Bear’s 10,000+ customer reviews and see for yourself! Happy Sleeping!

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