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Jodelle Fitzwater: 100 Nights on a Bear Mattress

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Jodelle Fitzwater knows what it means to push her body to its limits as an ASCM certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, certified nutrition coach and food psychology coach. She chronicled her 100 night trial on a Bear Mattress to see if it’s recovery and cooling properties really lived up to the hype. Here’s how it went!

Written by: Jodelle Fitzwater

"Try it for 100 nights," the email said, "and if you don't love it, we will come get it." So I gave the go ahead to ship the bed. But only in the hopes of using it to prove that there is a mattress that can actually help you recover and rest. I was skeptical to say the least.

Allow me to take you on a fun, fit and active 100 days (or nights should I say) of just what I discovered about my Bear Mattress. Will they come get it at the end? Keep reading to find out....

Day 1: I purposefully overdid my workout to see what difference I would feel when I crawled onto my bear mattress. To my delight, my muscles seem to spread apart inside my skin and melt when I first laid down. I couldn't help but fall asleep easily. That never happens. I awoke with a very bound-y refreshed feeling.

Day 3: Glutes were sore but honestly I thought I would feel it more... I'm beginning to believe there is something to the technology in this bed! I feel boundless energy!

Day 7: Felt good to be back in my bed last night after day 2 of training. Every muscle in my body was wracked, and although I thought I would be taking a rest day today and healing, after last night’s really rejuvenating sleep, no rest day required today!

Day 12: Did a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am-total-body workout with my friend yesterday and today I don’t feel a thing! I have done this particular workout a few months back and I remember it tearing me up, but for whatever reason (that being this mattress is all I can imagine) I am NOT sore one bit.

Day 16: I got up early for a two-hour paddle and man am I sore! My back feels like hamburger meat! I love it! It’s a good hamburger-meat feeling.

Day 18: I’m outta town sleeping in a guest room that is stuffy and hot. I don't sleep well in a room that is more than 68 degrees and this one was a balmy 74! All I can think is there is no place like home...

Day 23: Heavy workouts yesterday had in bed early. I awoke like I hadn't done anything the day before. This bed was definitely designed with athletes in mind. I'll be honest...I kind of miss being sore!

Day 24-34: Out of town on business and visiting family.....Luckily, my Aunt’s guest room is quite comfy, and even the bed quite cozy - although nothing beats your own bed.

Day 35: Back in my “Bear den” last night and something very cool has been brought to my attention: No jet lag. I normally always do after a couple time zone changes.

Day 39: Paddled 4 miles and ran 4 miles today. Felt strong and could have gone all day! Don’t think I would have felt that way without a good night’s rest.

Day 45: Headed out of town this weekend for work and my company hooked me up with a posh hotel. Still their so called “dream bed” were no match for my Bear. I slept horribly.

Day 47: Felt so wonderful to rest my aching body in my own bed. And after an intense weekend of physical training on the Juvo Board (, I woke surprisingly not sore like I normally am after all that work. I’m still not used to that!

Day 50: Long, hot, and windy photo shoot today for BiC SUP took it out of me so me and baby couldn’t wait for a nap in the bed. What is about the sun and the wind that zaps your energy and yet at the same time gives you energy when you are out in it?

Day 52: I take magnesium at night, and I have for years to help me relax. Magnesium is our calming mineral, and I have now realized Bear Mattress is my calming mattress.

Day 53: 1st annual SUP and a CUP went great and ended up being about a 3 hour paddle corralling 8 people on the lake. Fun but I was worn out. So my mattress must have taken all the exhaustion for me last night because I feel 100% today!

Day 54: A paddle out with friends started great until it turned into a day of thunderstorms, so instead of being a standing lightning rod, we paddled back in. Went for a long run on my treadmill instead.

Day 57: Lately I am getting sleepy around 9, yawning like crazy. Which is unusual for me. It usually takes me a long time to wind down at night. I think my brain wants her Bear.

Day 78: Our AC has been out for a few days but luckily the repairman comes tomorrow! EUREKA! Although it's been beastly hot, I've noticed that the Bear's cooling properties have kept me from sweating through the night. 

Day 81: I went to bed early last night for two reasons: (1) The sooner to bed, the sooner I get to wake up and drink coffee, my one vice. (2) My bed just sounded like such a treat!

Day 84-85: Spent two days in a conference where I sat for long periods of time. Why is it that sitting makes you so tired? I couldn't wait to lie down in bed. I woke up today and my hips that ached yesterday from sitting, felt like new today.

Day 92 - 97: I was gone to LA for a fitness convention where I worked out for over 21 hours over the course of 3 days. I even met a couple Bear Athletes which was cool! 

Day 97: 21 hours of solid exercise 2 times zones, and sleeping on a couch at the hotel with an average of 4-5 hours of sleep each night in LA meant I was ready for my own bed like never before. I sank into my mattress and woke revived.

Day 99: As I changed the sheets, I checked the mattress to see if after 100 nights there were no indentations forming or any breakdown of the foam. Nothing yet. No dips, no sags. Nothing. 

Day 100: Well I'm sure by now you know as well as I do that my Bear is a keeper. After yet another night of restful sleep for a girl who doesn't naturally sleep well, let's just say I'm a "Bear-liever!"

So there. I'm keeping it. And I'm betting you will too. Life's too short to sleep on a crappy mattress, and recover slowly from your workouts. If there is a product out there help us over-trainers, and fitness fanatics rest, recover, and relax so we can get out there and kill it again tomorrow, this is it! Don't believe me? Check out the reviews

 Jodelle Fitzwater is a BIC SUP Pro Athlete Ambassador, Master Trainer for Juvo Board, and Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach.





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