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Seattle: the unofficial home of cool… at least we think so. We hate to admit this, but as New Yorkers, we’re jealous of people who have easy access to the outdoors while also getting to live in a bustling metropolis. And with the best coffee in the U.S., a thriving farm-to-table restaurant scene and some of the most amazing hiking in the country, Seattle is a pretty great city to be a health nut in. Below are some of our favorite spots in to get your wellness on in the Emerald City.

Best Gym: Rival Fitness
In a city that boasts a lot of awesome outdoor exercise space, you’d think gym options would be rather bleak. But Rival Fitness is seriously amazing. They have some of the friendliest staff of any gym we’ve ever been to, and their group exercise classes cannot be beat. Seriously, take our suggestion and check out the rowing class -- it’s a total butt kicker. They also offer this program called “Fit Squad,” which a small group training method that offers different areas of focus with super small groups (we’re talking four to six people in each session). If you’re in the area, trust us. This gym cannot be beat.


Image via Art of the Table.

Best Restaurant: Art of the Table
Ok, so this restaurant is a bit pricey, but it’s a localvore’s dream. Dining at Art of the Table is an experience in and of itself, one that evokes memories (or, in our case, the idea of what it must be like) of eating a family-style meal in Europe. The dinner is a multi-hour event, complete with the freshest ingredients imaginable all locally sourced. The food is perfectly executed and the wine list is amazing, as well. We’d give you a menu recommendation, but it changes daily. However, the soup is always on point and we’re huge fans of any of their fish dishes.

Image via SkinSpirit.

Best Spa:
SkinSpirit Clinic & Spa
Folks dealing with skin issues will rejoice at the miracles (we mean it, miracles) worked at SkinSpirit. The quiet office is located in the upscale University Village and offers the most relaxing and rejuvenating facial experiences on the west coast. From chemical peels to micro penning to botox, these people know skin care. We suggest getting a dermaplaning treatment prior to microdermabrasion; your skin will never be softer. 

Image via Orcas Island.

Best Weekend Getaway: Orcas Island 
Part of the the San Juan islands, located right in the Puget Sound, Orcas Island is a little slice of heaven. At just 3 and a half hours away from Seattle, it makes for the perfect weekend getaway. On the island you’ll find hiking, camping, amazing food and a great arts community. Our suggestion? The Cascade Falls trail is not to be missed, and rustic waterside camping at Mountain Lake will connect you back to nature. Orcas Island is low key, laid back and -- more importantly quiet. It’s an awesome spot to get out of the city and really connect with the world around you.

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