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Sleep is the key to our mind & body's recovery. Without it we struggle in our day to day lives which also includes how motivated we are, our mental focus and also how hard we can train. In this day and age sleep is often overlooked, but we must reevaluate it's importance and start sleeping better.

Vince Horiuchi is a Professional Dancer and Breaking Instructor. He regularly trains to improve his dancing skills. Working on basics, learning new skills and also just getting creative is something that fuels his soul. At the same time training hard also requires good recovery and good recovery requires good sleep. 
Horiuchi's  10-week program teaches Breaking to kids & teens in public schools. Not only do the students learn how to dance, but they learn how to work together. At the end of his program, they throw a competition or Battle for the whole school & parents to watch. The end result is always surprising. Shy kids gain confidence, troubled kids find purpose, kids that don't usually talk to each other become friends and overall, kids discover an outlet to express themselves creatively.
His classroom has expanded to online learning as well. His Youtube channel called VincaniTV was originally used to support his local students. It now has grown to reach thousands of people all over the world, every week. Horiuchi  never imagined that he would be teaching 60-year-olds who gained an interest in dance, or even teenagers in India, Trinidad or Indonesia, but through Youtube he has.

Check out Vince's Sleep Set up

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