Sarah Rowe

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I don't just sleep in this bed, I knock out! I travel constantly and being able to rest and recover is more valuable than just about anything else. I trust that this mattress will get me an efficient night's sleep.

Sarah is a WWE Superstar from Louisville, Kentucky. Being a professional athlete, she uses powerlifting, strongman, weightlifting and viking martial arts to stay in shape and be the best athlete she can be. 

Sarah began her wrestling career in 2011, under the ring name Crazy Mary Dobson, with her first match being against Mickie Knuckles for the IWA East Coast promotion. She also pinned Viper in a ten-person tag team match in her debut in the American Pro Wrestling Alliance. Dobson then wrestled for various independent wrestling organizations across the United States and Europe including Insane Championship Wrestling, Shimmer Women Athletes, Ring of Honor, and Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW). On February 21, 2015, at JCW's Take Me Home show, Bridges teamed with Mad Man Pondo to defeat The Hooligans (Devin Cutter and Mason Cutter) to win the JCW Tag Team Championships.

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