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I put my body through a lot with training. So sleep isn’t just about resting. It’s about recovering and that’s why I sleep on a Bear Mattress.

Sarah Piampiano is a top ranked long-course professional triathlete, competing in iron-distance and half-iron-distance events around the world. Piampiano was working as an investment banker when she participated in her first triathlon in 2009. After quitting smoking, she started regular training and improved quickly. In 2012 she left her full-time position in finance and began competing as a professional under the guidance of Matt Dixon at Purplepatch Fitness, winning 70.3 New Orleans and qualifying for the World Championships in Kona (finishing 23rd) in her first season of professional racing. While racing Ironman Texas in 2014 she suffered a broken femur and spent that summer rehabbing the injury. In 2015 she won Ironman 70.3 New Orleans, finished seventh at the 2015 Ironman World Championship and won Ironman Western Australia.


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