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Adjustable Flex Bed

Fully customizable positioning. Read in bed, meditate in bed, relax your spine, work on your laptop, watch a movie.
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Fully customizable positioning. Read in bed, meditate in bed, relax your spine, work on your laptop, watch a movie.
  • Easy to Assemble

  • Fast & Free Shipping*

  • Compatible with All Mattresses

  • Under Bed Storage

Head / Foot

One Touch Flat Preset

Zero G

Customizable Presets

Remote Flashlight

Under Bed Storage

Foldable & Easy to Move

Split King Option for Your Own Personal Comfort

Does your partner snore? Looking for some extra relief after a long day? The split king option lets you and your partner move independently from each-other. So you can both be in your ideal and most comfortable position.

Sleek & Innovative Design

Remote Flashlight: easy to use remote flashlight to help find your glasses in the middle of the night

Zero-G Preset: feel the weightlessness effect of zero gravity for the ultimate chill-zone

Adjustable beds have many everyday advantages in terms of quality of sleep, convenience, and overall comfort. Need more reasons on why an adjustable bed is right for you? Read our blog.

Adjustable Flex Bed Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What mattresses will work with the Adjustable Flex Bed?

All Bear Mattresses are compatible with the Adjustable Flex Bed. You can also use your current mattress, although we highly advise against a waterbed. If you have any questions about your current mattress working on the Adjustable Flex Bed, email our friendly support team or call 844-311-0035.

Can my partner and I move independently of each other on the Adjustable Flex Bed

Yes. We offer a Split King setup, which is two Twin XL bases side-by-side. You and your partner can lay next to each other, but each sleep in your favorite position. These separate units can also be synced to move together. Additional instructions are included with the owner’s manual you’ll receive upon delivery.

What is the weight capacity of the Adjustable Flex Bed?

The strong yet light-weight aluminum frame can support 750 lbs, evenly distributed.

Is the height of the Adjustable Flex Bed adjustable?

Yes, up to 12 inches.

Product Specs

Measurements & Dimensions


59.5” x 79.5” x 3”

111 lbs


75.5” x 79.5” x 3”

141 lbs

Split King

75.5” x 79.5” x 3” (12 inch legs)

172 Ibs


54" x 75" x 3" (12 inch legs)

100 lbs

Twin XL

37.5” x 79.5” x 3” (12 inch legs)

86 Ibs

Materials & Assembly

Can support 750lbs, evenly distributed Imported


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