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We teamed up with Roni Noone, who runs the popular weight loss and lifestyle blog, Roni's Weigh, to really put the Bear Mattress to the test on someone who lives a super healthy, super active lifestyle. After working with her, we really wanted to share a bit of her story with our customers.


Roni has been blogging for 11 years, chronicling her body image issues, family life and favorite work outs; and she's constantly motivating her readers to change their lives bit by bit.


What about getting online and sharing your feelings, stories and routines motivates you?
I'm not sure. At first it was purely a means to document and that kept me going but when I started getting comments I realized people had similar feelings and experiences as I did. It made me feel less alone.


Why is it important for you to help grease the gears for other people who want to change their lifestyles?

I guess it's my way of paying it forward. I feel like I struggled for so long with my body image and dieting that once I figure it out I wanted to help everyone else who's stuck in that cycle. And it's not even about weight loss for me anymore. I just want to help people be more confident and for them to stop beating themselves up.


Why did you originally want to get fit and healthier?
I always wanted to be skinny. My drive for fit and healthier didn't come until I was a parent. Then I wanted to be a good example for my kids.

What do you think was the most difficult part of your journey was?
Realizing it will never end. I think there's a switch in your brain and once you flip it you realize the answer isn't a short term diet or fasting or some new pill. You have to change your life and make decisions like the person you want to be would make.

You're a busy woman! How did you make time for not only losing weight but doing the blog?
When you are passionate about something you make it a priority. And when things are a priority you get them done.

You write about loving running and CrossFit – how did you get into those sports?

SLOWLY. I can't express how many baby steps it took me to get here. I started walking. That was honestly it. Then about 2 years later I started taking group fitness classes, then a friend challenged me to run, then I started to learn about free weights, and it really just snowballed. But we're talking 10 years. It took 10 years to go from walking to CrossFit freak.

How has daily life changed for you since you've shifted to a healthier, more active lifestyle?

I'm so much more energetic now. Sometimes I just catch myself dancing in my house like a small child who doesn't know what to do with all their pent up energy. It's fantastic!


Could you perhaps give our readers a few words of advice about losing weight and getting healthier?

I have 3 little words. Ready? What. You. Can. When. You. Can. It's a book I wrote and my complete life philosophy now. For more years than I'd like to admit I was an all or nothing girl. If I wasn't on a diet I was eating everything in sight. If I could be perfect I didn't bother to try at all. Now I do what I can, when I can and it's a mentality that helped me not only lose weight but be happy.


Obviously, we're a bit obsessed with the concept that sleep is as important to overall health and wellness as diet and exercise. How is your relationship with sleep? Do you think you get enough?

NO! Does any mom get enough? I try but the truth is, I stay up too late and get up way too early. I love to sleep I just don't do it as long as I should. It's something I'm constantly working on.

Do you notice a difference when sleeping the Bear Mattress? 

Honestly, I thought I was going to notice a negative difference but I haven't and I think that speaks volumes. I've been sleeping great since I got it!

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