Hour-long Workout Playlist: Yoga Edition

For the second installment of our Spotify workout playlist series, we've brought you one that's full of sitar music, ending with some calming chimes and water sounds - perfect for a gentle, meditative yoga sesh.

1. Naked - Anoushka Shankar
2. Celebration - Anoushka Shankar3. Morning Yoga - Bombay Cafe
4. Flute Mantra - Bombay Cafe
5. Bindi - Mukta
6. Portrait - Mukta
7. Loneliness- Musafir
8.  Raga Mishra Kafi, Wire - Bidyut Khan Band, Lucyan
9.  Raga Yaman Manj - Ravi Shankar
10. Meditation: Restful Sleep - Waht Poo
11. Meditation: Deep Relaxing - Zarobi
12. Meditation: Ohm Chant - Zarobi
13. Waves: Ocean Waves for Relaxation - Sleep Sound Library

You can stream the playlist here; make sure to follow us on Spotify for updates and new playlists!

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