Chloe Woodruff

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I attribute my best training, best results, and best days to consistent quality sleep--there's simply no way to recover adequately without it.

I consider myself a reformed sleeper--I've had to dedicate myself to a disciplined sleep routine, and also look to improve my sleep environment. That's where having a high quality mattress and comfortable bedding is so important.

Chloe is a tough competitor and master tactician on the bike. (Not to mention 2016 Rio Olympian.) When racing, she draws not only from years of experience –– she started riding seriously in high school –– but also from her bike handling skills to go for the win. To date, Chloe is one of the only American females to earn a World Championship starting spot as a Junior, U23, and Elite competitor.
She founded a domestic power-house team, the Stan's-Pivot Pro Team, and is a veteran of the sport at 33, with experience as a race promoter and a degree in Community Health from the University of Arizona.
Chloe's a stubborn transportation advocate who believes in 'riding to your ride' whenever possible. She shares her home in Tempe, Ariz. with a spirited female dog named Hank.


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