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"Bear, a Hoboken mattress and sleep accessories retailer, is partnering with youth sports charity Good Sports, and will donate 1 percent of all net proceeds to the organization"
Hoboken Bear partners with Good Sports - February 22, 2017
"The thing that really sold me on this pillow was that after about three weeks I noticed that I had zero neck pain and was able to turn my head more easily and further than I had in a very long time."
A pillow made by a popular mattress startup has helped me sleep much better
Business Insider - February 12, 2017
"Best for temperature regulating"
20 Bed Pillows to Get the Best Sleep Possible
Best Products - February 02, 2017
"Bear will donate 1% of all net proceeds to the [Good Sports] organization, which is devoted to bringing new sports and fitness equipment to kids most in need across the United States."
Mattress Retailer Bear Announces Partnership With Good Sports
Furniture World - February 01, 2017
"Designed with the active lifestyle in mind, the Bear mattress is comprised of an innovative, cooling Celliant cover, which uses the body's natural energy and heat to increase blood circulation in sleep (leading to an expedited muscle recovery). "
The Best Mattresses to Ensure More Satisfying Shut-Eye
Best Products - January 26, 2017
"If you’re in the market for a new mattress and are looking for something that promises a more restorative sleep, Bear Mattress is a great place to start your search."
This is the perfect online mattress for people with active lifestyles
Business Insider - January 20, 2017
"...the day that the mattress arrived I had been on a hike with the hubby that included going up and down a large hill which normally would have resulted in sore muscles the next day. Coincidence or not, after sleeping on the BearMattress that night (and having a great night’s sleep), I did not have a spot of soreness."
American Made Mattresses: Ultimate Source List
USA Love List - January 04, 2017
"As such, everything from cryotherapy to hydrotherapy and halotherapy are getting fresh buzz, along with an increased focus on sleep habits, recovery mattresses and pillows, and "nap classes.""
Thrillist - December 28, 2016
"Bear Mattress recently came out with this pillow, and while a pillow may not seem like an exciting gift, it's one that someone would use every day...It's squishy and firm at the same time, which I didn't think was possible. If you've been thinking about mixing up your bedding, this is well worth it "
33 awesome gifts we're shopping for this holiday season
Business Insider - December 18, 2016
"It contours to accommodate all sleep positions, and is always cool on both sides."
Bear Mattress Pillow featured on The Rachael Ray Show
The Rachael Ray Show - December 09, 2016
"Overall I really enjoy my nights of sleep now thanks to the Bear Pillow, and can only imagine what the Bear Mattress would feel like."
The Bear Pillow Will Help You Avoid Night Sweats
Gear Diary - December 05, 2016
"We found the top layer squishy and contouring to our bodies, while the mattress overall proved firm enough that movements from your bed partner will not be felt."
2016 Gift Guide for Competitive Runners - Be ready to perform before, during and after your run.
Runner's World - November 28, 2016
"For serious athletes ready to make a significant investment in performance, the Bear Mattress is specially designed for optimal muscle recovery. "
Ready, Set, Rest: 25 Items to Help You Relax & Recover
SparkPeople - November 21, 2016
"Made by the same people who brought you Bear Mattress comes Bear Pillow — and it’s also just as cool, literally."
Bear Pillow
Gear Hungry - November 02, 2016
"Enter Bear Mattress, a one of a kind American made mattress specifically designed to help you sleep better, recover faster and more fully."
Bear Mattress: Designed for your Active Lifestyle
Gumption Gear Review - October 31, 2016
"Bear competes in the bed-in-a-box market, selling an all-foam mattress that's compressed into a box the size of a mini fridge and shipped via UPS."
Start-ups that took the slow road to making millions
CNBC - October 21, 2016
"How did the mattresses sell so fast? One reason has been reviews. Bear Mattress currently has 225 five-star reviews"
This High-Energy Entrepreneur Built His Solo Business to $2 Million In One Year
Forbes - September 29, 2016
"Overall, I love it, and should have made the switch sooner!"
Sleep Matters
Million Moments - September 19, 2016
"For the price point and ease of installation, this is one bed runners and endurance athletes alike should try!"
We Tried A Mattress Made Especially For Runners And Loved It
Women's Running - September 12, 2016
"And when it comes to sleep, quality is just as important as quantity. [Sarah] Piampiano recommends investing in a quality mattress, such as the Bear Mattress, and keeping your bedroom dark and quiet."
10 Dos and 4 Don’ts for Recovering & Refueling after a Race or Workout
SparkPeople - September 06, 2016
"I think even Goldilocks would have found this Bear Mattress to be just right."
Bear Mattress Review
Gadget Review - August 24, 2016
"Bear Mattress has seen sales from mobile devices increase since it was launched last year."
More small businesses put focus on a mobile-first strategy
The Associated Press - August 17, 2016
"Bear Mattress stands out from the pack with a mattress that’s specifically engineered for athletes and individuals living an active lifestyle."
Bear Mattress
GearHungry - August 08, 2016
"It provides pressure relief, maps optimal spinal alignment and promotes circulation for faster recovery and healing. Now you just need an office chair made of the stuff..."
Get this Gear to Get Better ZZZs
MADE MAN - August 01, 2016
"Bear Mattress mattresses are designed for people with active life styles. The advanced, premium foams that make up each mattress are engineered to be comfortable, cooling, aid in muscle recovery. Oh, and they are super soft!"
Buy Bedding Made in USA: The Ultimate Bedding Source List
USA Love List - August 01, 2016
"Best for Active Lifestyles"
The Best of the New Breed of Mattresses
Gear Patrol - July 21, 2016
"A new bed we have in a guest room is made by Bear Mattress -- a very comfortable mattress made with a new type of cooling memory foam."
Importance of Sleep Part 2: Rituals - July 20, 2016
"While many companies focus on comfort when designing their mattress (as they should; comfort is very important to sleep), Bear has expanded that view to also provide optimal cooling to its sleepers — a huge relief for anyone struggling through a summer without AC right now."
The 5 best online mattress startups for every type of sleeper
Business Insider - July 19, 2016
"With reasonable price points and easy delivery and installation, I feel that the Bear Mattress provides a good value and an excellent night of sleep."
Bear Mattress
GeekDad/GeekMom - July 11, 2016
"With Fourth of July around the corner, it's time to celebrate America — and nothing is quite as patriotic as supporting companies right here at home. "
43 American-made products to shop this Fourth of July - June 30, 2016
"Sleep deeply and dream sweetly on this all new, revolutionary all-American engineered cot top, which doesn't simply stop at offering cooling and comfort, but aids in muscle recovery too."
Bear Mattress
GEARCULTURE - June 28, 2016
"Bear Mattress has been successful since its launch in 2015..."
Better sleep is the goal of Hoboken business
Jersey Journal - June 17, 2016
Bear Mattress is Expanding the Online Bed-in-a-Box World With its Focus on Fitness
Emerging Retailer - June 14, 2016
"Bear Mattress wants athletes, active people and everyone else to get a better night's sleep."
Hoboken business aims to help active people sleep better - June 13, 2016
"Bear Mattress, built for an active lifestyle, is surging in sales during its first year"
A mattress for millennials? Paladini finds his market
NJBIZ - May 31, 2016
"I love the memory foam and find the mattress to be really comfortable"
The New Mom Sleep Update + Bear Mattress Review
SarahFit - May 17, 2016
"This mattress has just blown my mind, and it has cut my awake time during night in half."
Mind Blown by BEAR Mattress -- My Gear Ep. 4
RizKnows - May 08, 2016
"If you’re in the market for a new mattress, I highly recommend the Bear Mattress."
Sleep Better on a Bear Mattress and Run Faster
Minneapolis Running - April 27, 2016
"I love this mattress. Truly. When I sleep on this mattress, I sleep. I'm out like a light. I sleep hard and I feel rested."
Can a Mattress Really Enhance an Active Lifestyle? Health/ Very Well - April 08, 2016
"Bear beds are made with athletic recovery in mind."
Best Sites For Buying a Memory Foam Bed
Men's Fitness
"I’ve been curling up on a Bear Mattress ... and it’s kind of a game changer."
Want to Sleep Better? Tips and Products Worth a Try
Fit Bottomed Girls - March 28, 2016
"For fit-minded folks, startup Bear Mattress created a bed that contains celliant, a mineral helps with increasing oxygenation in your blood ... which helps you recover faster and gives you more energy in the morning.”"
Can the Right Mattress Change Your Life?
The Huffington Post - January 25, 2016
"I can definitely say that my sleep is much better and my energy level upon waking is even greater."
Gear Review - Bear Mattress
Endurance Magazine - January 02, 2016
"High-tech materials like graphite gel-infused memory foam, used in Bear Mattress products, for example, are cooling down classic memory foam, offering better thermal conductivity."
Do You Need A Fitness Mattress?
Furthermore by Equinox - October 12, 2015
"So advanced it helps people sleep better and have faster recovery time"
Bear Matttress: Sleep for an Active Lifestyle
The Manual: Essential Guide for Men - September 15, 2015
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